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The Probables: A Mad Scientist Couple

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Uploaded 18th Sep 2015 at 9:34 AM · Updated 21st Sep 2015 at 6:04 AM by caitawesome

It's no secret that I really like quirky lesbian couples, and I figured if I wanted to see some on MTS, I'd have to make them myself. Rosa and Sophia are based on my favorite Sims to play, and editing their appearances was my first try at creating Sims with CC. They're written as occupants of Strangetown, but feel free to make a home for them wherever you see fit - with a little creativity, they can cause trouble in any neighborhood!

Rosa and Sophia Probable went to Strangetown to pursue some of their favorite past times - namely robotics, the occasional weather manipulation, and back alley reconstructive surgery. The Sims in the city just did not appreciate their contributions to science and medicine. Not only that, the Consortium of Negatively Nepotistic Intelligent Villain Elites (C.O.N.N.I.V.E.) didn't think the Probables were evil enough to be villain material. They weren't even pursuing careers in crime! Will the Probables get their act together and build their skills in crime long enough to become proper criminal masterminds? Or, will they have a change of heart and use their talents for good?

Rosa Probable

Sophia Probable

CC You'll Need to Download:
Unfortunately, I couldn't include the following items in the packages, so you'll need to download them separately for the Probables to look like they do in the images:

Custom Content by Me:
- Rosa Probable Face Preset
- Sophia Probable Face Preset

Custom Content Included:
- "Thick" Eyebrows by Mina M @ MTS
- Unisex Freckles by Kittylynn74 @ MTS
- 2x10 EYELIDS by Mina M @ MTS
- 2x10 EYELIDS by Mina M @ MTS
- Full Face Freckles-Light by SleepyTabby @ MTS
- Nose Freckles Medium by SleepyTabby @ MTS
- Full Face Freckles-Tan by SleepyTabby @ MTS
- Natural Lashes-Brown by SleepyTabby @ MTS
- Black Gloves by Sevenskellington
- {Light} [email protected] by Ren @ MTS
- NewSea Teamo Retexture by Morrigun @ Dreamwidth.org
- Business Suit Recolour by Kleo Scanti @ GoS
- Business Suit Mesh by Kleo Scanti @ GoS
- Trapping - Ballpoint Brows by Lina
- LipBalm Berry by Nymphy
- Beauty Mark-Nose Right by SleepyTabby @ MTS
- Beauty Mark-Below Lip Left by SleepyTabby @ MTS
- 2x10 EYELIDS by Mina M @ MTS
- 2x10 EYELIDS by Mina M @ MTS
- Demused Sims Skin by HystericalParoxysm @ MTS
- Blond Hair recolor by Caiza
- Thirties Vest and Blouse by cosette @ LJ
- Thirties Vest and Blouse Mesh by cosette @ LJ
- Thirties Pencilskirt by cosette @ LJ
- Thirties Pencilskirt Mesh by cosette @ LJ

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