Praire Post and Arch with Keystone

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Uploaded: 16th Nov 2015 at 9:39 AM
Updated: 16th Nov 2015 at 3:56 PM
As a request, I present a taller version of the Following Archs

The Praire Post and Lintel Knockoff Arch

Arch with Keystone

In the two images above the modified versions are shown on the left compared with the default Maxi ones on the right Both are meant for the normal wall heights.

For the Praire Post and Lintel Knockoff Arch I also made a 1 tile version since the default is a 1x2 tile Version. The single tile version is shown below

All the three Archs have 3 colours the same with their modified base game. The image below shows that of the Single version and its the same for the double version

With regards to the other attached images all images showing the Archs as same height refers to the modified version placed side by side.

The costs are
The Praire Post and Lintel Knockoff Arch(Both) -ยง185
Arch with Keystone-280

Please do note that the above three Archs are meant for the normal wall heights just like the original

Polygon Counts:
Prairie Post and Lintel Knockoff Poly (Both)
Lod High-348 Poly
Lod Medium-236 Poly
Lod Low-116 Poly

Arch with Keystone
Lod High-356 Poly
Lod Medium-244 Poly
Lod Low-148 Poly

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