Rolled Glass Windows

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Uploaded 13th Feb 2016 at 2:54 AM · Updated 15th Feb 2016 at 1:45 PM by plasticbox

The Maxis “Double Hung” window + three additional sizes with the rolled glass texture from this upload (Queenslander Casement Windows, by Beefysim1). The same windows with the regular Maxis glass are already uploaded here (Double Hung Window Add-Ons).

The “Medium” height fits over end tables and desks by default, the counter-height one over counters. 15 colour variants each. All frame textures are referenced from the game files but not the glass textures -- those are mapped differently than in the beefysim window, so they are all included. Some colour options require GP01 (2014 Holiday patch).

They cost 35§ / 40§ / 45§ / 55§ respectively, 10§ more than the plain-glass windows.

Polygon Counts:

Tall window, high/mid poly: 250V/156F (rest is unchanged)

Medium-height window, high/mid poly: 250V/156F
Medium-height window, low poly: 88V/64F
Medium-height window, high/mid poly sun shadow: 60V/108F
Medium-height window, low poly sun shadow: 16V/24F

Counter-height / Privacy window, high/mid poly: 264V/160F
Counter-height / Privacy window, low poly: 96V/68F
Counter-height / Privacy window, high/mid poly sun shadow: 64V/108F
Counter-height / Privacy window, low poly sun shadow: 16V/24F

TSRW/Milkshape, Photoshop/, s4pe. Thanks to Beefysim1 for the PSD file! =)

Style: Contemporary
Maxis Flags: AddOn

Tags: #rolled glass, #window, #add on, #maxis match