Wall Recolors: Crayons and Hopalong Bunny

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Uploaded: 17th Feb 2016 at 5:09 AM
Hello everyone!

I have two sets of walls for you, this time for the kids. I've recolored the "Crayons Border" and "Hopalong Border" walls from Maxis in some of the base game maxis paints. These are entirely maxis textures and maxis match. Because I've pulled all of the colors from other Maxis walls instead of just inventing my own, these will coordinate with plain paint walls that you already have in your game. Hooray for extended functionality!

I've always felt like the crayons border was appropriate for a nursery or bedroom of a young child of either gender. I also think its a really great wall for a playhouse, classroom, or children's shop. But it needed more options in paint color. The original colors are way off-white, lavender blush, and pink slip. I have added paste, luminous lilac, paystub yellow, blue collar, and celery snap.

The hopalong bunny walls were also due for some additional options. They originally came in paystub yellow, luminous lilac, and pink slip. I've added way off white, paste, celery snap, blue collar, and lavender blush. Now you have a rainbow of pastel rabbits, just in time for Easter!

All of these new walls maintain the original names, descriptions, pricing ($5), and catalog location (paint). I've clearly labeled the files so you can pick and choose which ones you want.

Hope you enjoy these! Happy Simming!

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to the creators of the Sims2 Homecrafter, which I used to make these walls, and to the creators of SimPE, which allowed me to track down my new files and give them names that weren't just random letter and number combinations.