TS4 Cropped Athletic Pants for Males

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This is a conversion of the cropped athletic pants that came with the TS4 Spa Day gamepack. They were originally for adults and young adults only. This conversion adds a version for elders as well.

There are 3 CAS presets. The first two presets have 4 recolourable channels. The last preset has 3 recolourable channels, so that the player can quickly switch between patterns for the legs without having to recolour the vertical stripes to match.

Both Adult/YA and Elder versions are found in Everyday, Athletic, Sleepwear, and Outerwear. They are available in non-random and random-enabled variants--install only one.

All morphs except pregnant are included.

Polygon Counts

LOD1: 1128
LOD2: 574
LOD3: 151

Terms of Use

  • Do not re-upload or redistribute elsewhere.
  • May be included with sims; credit optional.

Additional Credits

Many thanks to @Greenplumbbob, @Rosebine, and @spladoum for answering my noob questions.
  • CTU
  • Mesh Toolkit
  • Milkshape
  • Photoshop CS6
  • S3OC
  • S3PE
  • S4CASTools
  • S4PE