A Trash Pit for All Seasons, with Effects & Recolours

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A Trash Pit for All Seasons, with Effects & Recolours

The current download file is significantly improved from that released earlier today, July 12th.


Although based on the mesh and some textures from Castaway Stories, the Trash Pit for All Seasons is an original Sims 2 creation that has been optimized for maximum flexibility and minimum resource use, with the following features:

1) The Trash Pit has been designed to completely replace the disposal functions of community and residential trash cans or barrels. The default cans or barrels may be optionally removed from any particular lot if so desired. Please note that this Trash Pit does not work as a default replacement trash can.

2) Like "Ye Olde Cooper" trash barrels, the Trash Pit is invulnerable to Sim or animal vandalism. In addition, the pit cannot be salvaged or eaten from.

3) The player may optionally configure the Trash Pit as a cheat object, similar to Ye Olde Cooper's Barrels for Brigands. Depending on the Mode menu selection, Sims will automatically dispose of bills and/or homework if the Trash Pit is the closest table surface to the mailbox.

4) If "Trash All" is selected, almost any single tile object that can put on a table, on the ground or in the hand can be placed in the pit during buy or build mode. The item will be disposed of when the game enters Run mode, without receiving money for the item. Sims are immune to disposal.

5) If Seasons composters are located on the lot, the Trash Pit will automatically transfer two trash points to the nearest non-full composter for each piece of trash deposited in the pit. In this way no trash will go to waste, even if Sims do not specifically select an item for composting. Depending on your game scenario, you may find it more authentic for Sims to use the pit instead of using a composter directly.

6) For primitive or pre-modern scenarios, one or two Seasons composters may be placed in the Pit itself and recoloured Invisible with the included recolour (the red "composter" light will remain completely invisible in this location). It will then appear that Sims are depositing items for composting in the pit when they are actually placing them a hidden composter. To place a composter in the correct slot, press the letter "m" up to six times so that it moves to the front of the pit.

7) Most other single-tile ground based objects can also be placed in the Trash Pit as decor. To prevent the item from being deleted it cannot be left in the first Trash Pit slot - by pressing the letter "m" you can cycle through any other open slots to a special deco slot or one of the composter slots (the "m" key toggle is not available in basegame). You will know it when the object is in the non-deleting deco slot because it will rotate by 90 degrees when placed correctly. A decorative object must be placed while in the "Trash All" mode, but once it is positioned then the Trash Pit can be set to whatever mode is desired.

8) By default the pit will only be used as a dishwasher if the lot does not contain a sink or dishwashing appliance. However, the Trash Pit may be selected to act as a regularly used dishwasher by menu option.

9) To add a bit of appropriate colour, up to eight Continuous Effects may be invoked by menu option. By default the pit produces Flies and a Big Stink. Note that no matter what the state of the Trash Pit, it has no effect on the environmental score.

10) When disposal occurs, the object simply fades away, but the player may select between one of five optional Disposal Effects that will occur during the disappearance. The default disposal effect is a small fire.

11) This object has two recolourable subsets: Contents and Pit. The Contents subset consists of the trash pile itself and a surrounding fence, supplied with 23 recolours in tropical, temperate and modern themes. In addition, there are 11 fence recolours in which the trash pile itself is invisible.

12) This project comes with 25 Pit recolours, most of them using a variety of basegame terrain textures to make it easier for them to blend in. Used with the built-in Invisible Contents recolour, and a "Clean" pit recolour, the Trash Pit can appear to be a simple "hole in the ground" if desired.

Terms of Use

You may include this object and its recolours in any uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. It is nice but not necessary to provide a credit and link to this page.


Almighty Hat's default replacement garbage bag is featured in the screenshots
GIMP 2, Microsoft Paint and Photo Editor for graphics texturing, processing, sizing, and labeling
Jfade's Compressorizer for minimizing file size
Milkshape 3D, Ultimate Unwrap3D Pro and UV Mapper Professional, for 3D modeling and mapping
Numenor's AnyGameStarter, for development and testing
SimPE, PJSE, and CEP for Sims 2 object creation
The Shaman's Hut shown in the screenshots features a great many Castaway Stories objects from More Awesome Than You! (see Reply #19).

Polygon Counts

2431 faces and 1963 vertices