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64 HiRes Wood Basegame Vase Collection Recolours

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2016 at 5:47 AM
Updated: 16th Apr 2017 at 7:39 PM - Minor change in title.
Title: 64 HiRes Wood Basegame Vase Collection Recolours

BUGFIX August 25, 2016: Changed Two Conflicting Filenames

The filenames for the Red Oak and Santa Maria recolours were the same as those released in the Tiny Filesize Basegame Vase Collection, therefore they would overwrite them. This release differentiates the new filenames by adding a "2" at the end, i.e. sdSculptureVaseCollectionBG_vase_RedOak2 and sdSculptureVaseCollectionBG_vase_SantaMaria2, so as to remove the conflict.

Please download sdSculptureVaseCollectionBG_vase_HiResNaturalWood for the update.


a) To provide high resolution wood recolours for the basegame "Sculpture - Vase Collection", also called the "Museé Public Collection Sculpture", available from the Decorative/Sculpture buy mode catalogue for §200.

b) Together with the 150+ Tiny Filesize Basegame Vase Collection Recolours set, to provide a large repository of linearly mapped hi-res basegame textures that are available for object creators to utilize in new projects, rather than reinventing the wheel and unnecessarily loading up the game with limited-use new textures. Where possible, slaving new projects to objects that are already in the basegame also avoids the requirement that a custom-created master object must be present in the Downloads folders for a slave object to successfully locate. The 100+ Tiny Filesize Transport Urn Recolours, Sims 2 Opportunity Pack Lectern & Accessories, Lady Ravendancer's Magical Arcana and 140+ Tiny Filesize Glass Coffee Table Recolours projects were similarly designed as resources to build up this basegame texture repository.


In contrast with the 150+ Tiny Filesize Basegame Vase Collection Recolours project, these uploads maximize texture quality rather than minimizing resource use through the recycling of textures that are already present in the basegame. These recolour sets use 512 x 512 pixel textures to convey a very fine grained and authentic natural wood appearance to the vase decor. All files are compressed.

To aid in the creation of decorative themes, the majority of these vase recolours are also available for the The FreeTime "Broken-In" Desk Recovery Project, The FreeTime "Broken-In" Desk Pooklet Expansion Set and The Sims 2 Opportunity Pack Lectern & Accessories. The Pooklet recolours in particular offer compatibility with a large variety of custom content.


Natural Wood Vase Recolours
Apart from the White Wash and its variants, this set uses authentic wood textures, many of them from The Wood Database. The following recolours may be downloaded in sdSculptureVaseCollectionBG_vase_HiResNaturalWood.zip:

African Ebony, African Mahogany, African Walnut, Apple, Ash, Bamboo, Black Cherry, Black Palm, Black Wash 2, Black Willow, Bloodwood, Capirona Negra, Cedar of Lebanon, Common Whitebeam, Cuban Mahogany, Dragon Wood, English Elm, English Holly, English Oak, English Walnut, European Alder, European Lime, European Olive, Green Wood 2, Grey Wood 2, Honduran Mahogany, Norway Maple, Norway Spruce, Patagonian Cherry, Peruvian Walnut, Red Cedar, Red Oak 2, River Red Gum, Santa Maria 2, Sapele, Scots Pine, Silver Birch, Sitka Spruce, Snakewood, Sugar Maple, Sweet Chestnut, Swiss Pear, Teak, White Pine, White Wash 2.

Pooklet Vase Recolours
This Pooklet recolours set uses Michelle's Apartment Life Wood textures. The following recolours are located in sdSculptureVaseCollectionBG_vase_MichelleApt.zip:

Michelle Apt. Brisance, Michelle Apt. Comburent, Michelle Apt. Depth Charge, Michelle Apt. Dynamite, Michelle Apt. Explosive, Michelle Apt. Fission, Michelle Apt. Flashpowder, Michelle Apt. Grenade, Michelle Apt. Incendiary, Michelle Apt. Landmine, Michelle Apt. Mailbomb, Michelle Apt. Molotov, Michelle Apt. Pipebomb, Michelle Apt. Primer, Michelle Apt. Pyrotechnic, Michelle Apt. Safety Fuse, Michelle Apt. Shrapnel, Michelle Apt. Timebomb, Michelle Apt. Volatile.

Terms of Use

The "Vase Collection" Pooklet recolours use Michelle's custom textures and out of respect for Michelle, please do not upload them to pay sites or TSR. However, you are welcome to include the recolours from this set in uploaded lots that are posted to free sites, with a credit and link to this page.

All the other recolours may included in any uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. It is nice but not necessary to provide a credit and link to this page.

Additional Credits

GIMP 2 and Microsoft Paint for graphics creation, editing, processing, sizing and labling
Jfade's Compressorizer for minimizing file size
Milkshape 3D and UV Mapper Professional for mapping analysis and proofing
SimPE and CEP for Sims 2 recolour creation
The Wood Database for most of the wood textures