Custom Bar Drinks [Updated 20 Jan 2017]

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2016 at 7:17 PM
Updated: 11th Nov 2017 at 2:44 PM
Update (20.01.2017)

--- Updated for Patch (Toddler patch) [ Remove the old files as the packages has been renamed and would not replace]

The script + interaction has been updated and moved to to the Custom Drink Interaction

This mod uses a script to add 9 custom drinks to the Professional Bars.

Interactions Available -

1. Make Custom Drinks

2. Buy Custom Drinks (The sim would not walk up to the bar to buy the custom drinks.A menu will open which will allow the sim to purchase drinks similar to the 'Purchase Toys' interaction.The drink will be found in your inventory after buyinf.)

Other Gameplay information -
--- Autonomous Drink making enabled
---Different skill requirements and price points for the 9 different drinks
--- Compatible with DineOut
--- Interaction available on All BG,EP and GP Bars

The following Drinks are available -
1. Ale
2. Bourbon
3. Brandy
4. Gin and Tonic
5. Margarita
6. Rum
7. Sherry
8. Vodka
9. Whiskey


1. Download the Script+interaction from Custom Drink Interaction

2. - Contains the merged custom Drink objects and resources (If anybody wants the individual drinks,say so in the comment section)

Both the Above Files 1) and 2) are required for the mod to work.

Compatibility: Base Game Compatible.Requires the latest patches.

Conflicts : Should not conflict with any other mods as a script has been used. however the autonomous drink making function may not work properly with autonomy suppressing mods.

Known Issue: The drinks thumbnails in the 'Buy Custom drinks' Picker menu has some texture anomalies.


-Python 3.3
-scripthoge for
-plasticbox for help regarding material and geometry states
-Sims 4 studio
- Thanks to all the Testers .Love you guys !