Spiritual Cemetary

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Uploaded: 6th Aug 2016 at 4:02 AM
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One of my favorite holidays is All Hallows Eve. Not Halloween, but the original holiday that Halloween came from. Many christian holidays adapted old celtic traditions to ease the transition, and All Hallows Eve merged into a day to remember the people who are no longer with you, in some places. Where I am from, this is celebrated by going to graveyards and lighting candles on the graves of people you lost. Churches might have big candelabras or platforms where you can place small candles for your loved ones, and they are open so you can come in and sit in quiet contemplation. It's not about religion, it's about a communal place to gather and remember people past. A focus point for all the people affected by the loss of one person, a place to grieve together. Seeing the graveyard lit up by thousands of candles, all those little signs of love still alive, memories still intact, just warms my heart. I find graveyards very peaceful, and full of love, and I wanted a place for my Sims that resembled that.

Long ago, back in 2013, I download a lot called Pleasantview Community Church, by Batanau, with the intention of adding a graveyard and create a place for my Sims to gather and remember their loved ones. I liked the atmosphere in Batanau's lot, it was very calm, and peaceful, just like it should be. It was a perfect base for the lot I wanted. I added a cemetery around the chapel, and remodelled the interior to better represent what I am used to, but keeping many elements of the great elements in the original lot.

I am very fond of the result, so after much consideration I decided to see if Batanau might be okay with me sharing my modified version, and very kindly he was So, this is my modified version of the lot Pleasantview Community Church, with added graveyard and re-dubbed Spiritual Cemetery.

General information
The cemetery has room for 120 gravestones. 95 in the Sim area, and 25 in the pet section. There are a variety of sizes of gravestone-plots, most of them single gravestone plots, but with larger options for couples and families to lie next to each other.

The uploaded lot has not been visited by Sims, and has had no contact with graves of any kind. The three pictures showing graves and Sims were taken on a separate copy of the lot, to give you an example of how it could look.

CC Included - But not mandatory
This lot requires a bit of CC, because I want it to look right. None of it is necessary for the lot to work, so if you don't want to have it, you can opt out and replace the missing items with your own things. Just be aware that some of the things you see in the screenshots won't be the same.

Some of the CC does not pack automatically with the lot, so I have added it in a folder in the zip. Put the folder or the files inside it in your downloads folder.
- White fence based on the chic stair, by HugeLunatic (Original upload here) Does not require any scriptorium-files, just put in downloads.
- Master patio table, required for the included patio table to work, by Honeywell (Entire set here). If the table with candles flash blue, you need to add this file.

Thank you to the creators of the CC that comes with this lot, for the generous policy allowing it to be included. See below for a full list of the CC included, and links to the original uploads.

CC required but not included
Like the included CC, these aren't mandatory for the lot to work, but it won't look the same without it.

In order to place the lotus flowers on the altar, and the candles on the tables, I had to use OMSPs. SilentLucidity allows her content to be included in lots, but I imagine most people already have this set, and those that don't ought to read the information before getting it. The set used is Full Range Shiftable OMSPs - Closer than we've ever been!, a set with purple OMSPs in ten different heights. Please see the original thread for more information on how OMSPs work, if you aren't familiar with them.

The altar is created using RetailSims jewelry counter, and her policy states it may not be included in uploads. Download it from the Jewelry Shop Set, it is the Plain Counter, fourth item in the set, with the missing thumbnail.

Suggested CC
I added three pictures from my game, showing you examples of how I use CC flowers to simulate planting flowers on graves, which is also tradition where I come from. I created a WCIF asking for tips of CC flowers to use like this, and I got many great suggestions, so if you are interested in doing the same, I recommend that you read the replies to my thread and check out the excellent suggestions. Read it here.

- Batanau for the wonderful lot that I modified, who was kind enough to let me share my version with you. Thank you very much for creating it, and for letting me share my version! If you like this upload, make sure you go thank the original upload
- The creators of the CC I used for this lot, especially SilentLucidity for her excellent OMSPs that allow decorating on a whole new level. Also a special mention to -Maylin- for her virgin mary statue texture, which I used to recolor the altar.
- Charity for unknowingly giving me the idea to share this lot with others

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price (furnished): 165054

Custom Content by Me:
- Jewelry counter recolor
- Virgin Mary sculpture recolor

Custom Content Included:
- Shady Umbrella Table by Honeywell at MTS
- Virgin Mary sculpture by -Maylin- at MTS
- Lotus flowers by steffor at TSR
- Painting 810 by OM by Avalon
- Shady Patio Table by Honeywell at MTS