Inedible Edibles Part 2: Smorgasbord

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Uploaded: 20th Sep 2016 at 3:19 AM
Updated: 28th Sep 2016 at 7:08 AM
More food!

This set consists of 78 large-size meals as clutter.

These are all pulled from the game, they will not spoil and your sims won't clean them or throw them away. They can also be sold.

There are several different versions to pick from, but only choose one!

Smorgasbord: Separate files so in case you only want certain ones. Normal prices*, the same or similar to what they cost to prepare. All items found in the catalog under "Clutter."

Smorgasbord_Merged: All packages merged into one file. Normal prices, all items found under "Clutter."

Smorgasbord_Retail: Separate files. Higher retail prices*, better for selling in retail stores. All found under "Clutter."

Smorgasbord_Retail_Merged: Same as above but merged into one file.

Smorgasbord_NoCatalog: Separate files. Normal prices. Items are NOT in the catalog, they can be found by searching for "inedible." I did this to keep from swamping the catalog.

Smorgasbord_NoCatalog_Merged: Same as above but merged into one file.

Smorgasbord_NoCatalog_Retail: Separate files. Retail prices. All items found under "Clutter."

Smorgasbord_NoCatalog_Retail_Merged: Same as above but merged into one file.

*click on the info button at the bottom to see prices.

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