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Emotionless Trait

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2016 at 12:39 AM
Updated: 21st Jun 2018 at 4:59 PM - Broken
This trait is no longer working because of the Pets update.

Thank you so much for all the support everyone!
I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks, because I can't reply to every comment.
I also wanted to mention that I check this once every day/two days if I'm really busy.
I have decided I will only reply to questions in comments with answers. This is to save time.
Let me know what kind of things you want me to upload next!
[This part is the original.]
A trait for sims who have no emotions.

This is my first trait/mod for the Sims 4, and has been playtested. It was inspired by LaurenzSide's Yandere Simulator challenge, and I originally created this trait thinking it would be fitting for a Yandere character.

This trait basically disables all moods (Happy, Sad, Angry, Dazed, Flirty, etc.) and your Sim will stay as Fine.

This trait does NOT stop your Sim's needs from going down, but it does not affect them.

I literally hated this trait when I first developed it, because there were all the screenshots that I needed to take. In the end, I had to shrink down the main one, due to it being too big a file for Mod The Sims.

I am new to modding, but I have wanted to contribute to something here since I first discovered the site. I hope you have fun messing around with this trait.

Now, here's the trait in action:
As you can see, my Sim is watching comedy, but not becoming playful.

That's the trait in CAS.

And there's my thumbnail.

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Packaging Editor, Zerbu's Buff and Trait Factory, Paint