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Alien townie pool replacement

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Uploaded 9th Feb 2017 at 12:46 AM · Updated 12th Feb 2017 at 1:01 PM by Amura

When Queen of France shared default townie pool replacement I thought it was a simply wonderful idea - every user sharing their batches of townies, and using every one else's for a greater variety.
So I made my mind to create my own townie pool replacement neighbourhood to share it here, instead of creating townies in my playable hood as I usually did. In between I started fancying the idea of having a town populated by aliens, so I ended up creating this little alien townie pool replacement.

What is a townie pool replacement?

In every new hood you create you'll always find the same townies as in the N001 hood (Pleasantview).
If you are bored of Goopy & co. you may replace the game N001 folder for a different hood with different townies... and then you'll get whatever townies there are there.
(Note that your Pleasantview and other existing hoods won't be affected, only new hoods created afterwards. Just make sure you follow the installation instructions below. )

This is a hood containing 10 ready-made alien townies with personalities, aspirations, jobs and TOs. And nothing else.
When you install this replacement you'll get those 10 alien townies and none of the default Maxis ones. (The game will still create NPC randomly the usual way.)

Need ideas to play with alien townies?
If this replacement sounds appealing but you have no idea how to play with it, consider checking out my Alien Meeting Point Challenge.


All the townies were created using the Ultimate Collection so technically you may need all the EPs/SPs. I'm sure not all are actually required but I can't test it.
I used no custom content.


Do NOT place in your Documents folder!

Place the extracted N001 folder in your Program Files\...\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\UserData\Neighborhoods directory.
If you still have the original N001 folder there, zip it and store it someplace safe before installing this replacement, in case you ever wish to revert to it.
This will not affect existing hoods - only ones created while the replacement is in your game.

Additional Credits:
- Queen of France for the great idea!
- treeag for this mod which allowed me to create aliens.
- Wooden Simolean for this tutorial on creating townies
- SimPE. Nothing ever would be possible without SimPE.
- Gimp to edit images.
- Peni Griffin, simsfreq and maxon for helping me to figure out how to upload this :D

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