No Outfit Change During the Spice Festival

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Uploaded: 6th Feb 2017 at 11:12 PM
This mod is an override for another of my pet peeves, which is forcing all the Sims into brown colored clothing at the Spice Festival, making it look like a poor man's Firefly convention (the Browncoats are coming!). All it does is keep them instead in their regular clothes, which will usually be their everyday outfits.

You may still see a straggler or two dressed in something other than their normal outfits, because Maxis has a whole lot of different "situations" in the coding, and wading through them all lacked any sense of fun for me. Besides which, some probably actually add flavor to the Fest, like putting people manning the grills in aprons. But what an "overeater" is I don't even know, so they're gonna still wear what they feel is appropriate for gluttony.

The mod in an override, overriding the outfit change that took place at the Spice Festival (the "Food Festival" in the coding) for the bulk of the festival goers.

To make the mod I changed the following xmls, so any mods that use the same may conflict:

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