Edible candy and food. Onigiri, Alegria, Meringue cone and emoji cupcake.

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Uploaded 11th Feb 2017 at 12:46 PM · Updated 11th Feb 2017 at 11:38 PM by necrodog

Hello. Here its four edible objects for your sims to eat.

Onigiri: Japanese rice ball. Cost 5
Meringue cone: Candy cone. Cost 5
Amaranth Candy: mexican "Alegria" candy. Cost 5
Chocolate poop emoji cupcake: A chocolate cupcake in a shape of a popular emoji. Cost 10

All this food is available in Buy mode at.

Function---> Decorative --->sculpts

Just place the food object in the world and click on the edible iteraction. Let your sims enjoy the food!

This food uses custom tuning and along with the edibles in the rar, there is the separate tuning package to work with all the edibles.

Polygon Counts:


78 faces 52 vertex

shadow high/med

76 faces 48 vertex

Meringue cone


86 faces 96 vertex

shadow high/med

84 faces 89 vertex

Amaranth Candy


14 faces 28 vertex

shadow high/med

12 faces 24 vertex

Chocolate poop emoji cupcake


182 faces 162 vertex

shadow high/med

180 faces 158 vertex

Additional Credits:
MTS, Sims 4 Studio "Harmony"