Faster Showers & Baths!

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Uploaded: 27th Mar 2017 at 10:55 PM
Updated: 23rd Oct 2023 at 12:27 AM - Patch Update 11/17/20
Updated for Patch 9/26/23 <-- No Changes needed

PANDORA SIMS stole one of my mods! Please read spoiler to see what you can do!

I don't mind if you make changes to any of these files in any of my mods as long as it is PERSONAL USE ONLY
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Change Log: 1/23/23 <--See what's new!
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There have been a couple other mods created to help the speed of showers and baths. However, it hasn't been updated since August of 2016 and there have been multiple comments saying it doesn't work or is broke. If you would like to see the mod you can find it HERE

I think it is ridiculous on how slow the sims are in doing things. I understand it taking some time to do things but 75min for a basic shower? Really! lol So I decided to take a look at what all needed to be done to fix that. I decided not to change the actual showers or tubs to make them faster. Instead of having that many different files I chose only to change a few files instead and by doing that it effects all the showers and bathtubs for that interaction I didn't change all of the different possibilies since the others seemed more like they probably should take longer. For instance, taking a mud bath or one of the other specialty baths. If your gonna pay money you might as well get to have it longer!

I was requested to update a mod along with adding the option to this mod. My updated version of the mod Shower Bladder Reliever
Now I took some time to think on this request. Most requests I do take into consideration on if my knowledge of coding is good enough to accomplish. This one wasn't hard just wasn't sure how or if I should incorporate it into this mod. So this is what I have come up with for now. Since there is already the mod that I updated that allows for sims to relieve their bladder in the shower and I also went ahead and added 2 flavors to it. I decided the fact that the sims are now saving time because they don't need to use the toilet that it will already increase the time spent to almost the times in this mod. So what I did instead of adding it to all the interactions is I only did it to one interaction. I decided to add it to the Brisk Shower only. Since the sim is already in a hurry that this would probably be the best choice. I didn't feel that a sim getting flirty and steamy in the shower would be doing this anyway-um seems like it would ruin the mood? lol So to make the story short you will have 3 options with this mod now. The original is still the same, nothing changed. The 2 added flavors will say bladder relief in the title to help you with getting the right one. These are only based on traits. The spoilers for each one will explain more on the traits on what they mean and do.

If I were to figure out, or someone would help me, I would rather just add an option for the user to decide during or before the shower to relieve the bladder instead of it being automatic. At this time I have not researched or experimented with new codes to accomplish this thought.


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