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More realistic time of taking bath and shower

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2016 at 2:00 AM
Updated: 29th Aug 2016 at 4:41 AM
Update! Added the separate version (separate files) and the faster version (from 1 to 7 minutes for shower and from 10 to 20 minutes for bath). Use the only one version!
Update! Added the Thoughtful shower with the value in 10 minutes instead 15 in the base version and added the separate version with the value in 3 minutes instead 15. The separate version will conflict with the base version.

Hi guys!

I made a few mods for taking shower and bath. With these mods you can now:

- take a brisk shower for 7-10 minutes instead of 20;
- take a cold shower for 3 minutes instead of 10 (i think no one wants to take it longer);
- take a steamy shower for 15 minutes instead of 10;
- take a thoughtful shower for 10 minutes instead of 15;
- take a bath for 20 minutes instead of 50;
- take a bath with citrus for 20-40 minutes instead of 20;
- take a bath with lavander foam for 20-40 minutes instead of 20;
- take a bath with honey milk for 30-40 minutes instead of 20;
- take a bath with rose petal for 20-40 minutes instead of 20;
- take a bubble bath for 30-40 minutes instead of 45-60;
- take a mud bath for 20-40 minutes instead of 45-60.

I just want to make it more realistic like it may be in real life.

Other files i didn't change because i think that their values are normal.

I hope you like it!


Made with patch version: 1.20.


This mod changes the following XML files and may conflict with other mods that use the same files:

Time to take bath.package:

(interaction tuning) bathtub_TakeBathWithSoak_CitrusSoak
(interaction tuning) bathtub_TakeBathWithSoak_LavenderFoam
(interaction tuning) bathtub_TakeMudBath_DirtyBath
(interaction tuning) bathtub_TakeBathWithSoak_MilkHoneySoak_DirtyBath
(interaction tuning) bathtub_TakeBathWithSoak_RosePetalSoak
(interaction tuning) bathtub_TakeBathWithSoak_MilkHoneySoak
(interaction tuning) bathtub_TakeBathWithSoak_MuscleReleaseSoak
(interaction tuning) bathtub_TakeMudBath
(interaction tuning) bathtub_TakeBubbleBath
(interaction tuning) bathtub_TakeBath

Time to take shower.package:

(interaction tuning) shower_TakeShower_Brisk
(interaction tuning) shower_TakeShower_Brisk_NoPrivacy
(interaction tuning) shower_TakeShower_ColdShower
(interaction tuning) shower_TakeShower_Steamyshower_Take
(interaction tuning) shower_TakeShower_Steamy_NoPrivacy
(interaction tuning) shower_ColdShower_NoPrivacy
(interaction tuning) shower_TakeShower_Thoughtful
(interaction tuning) shower_TakeShower_Thoughtful_NoPrivacy

P.S. If you want more options for the time speed of taking bath/shower please just let me know. I can create more options including only faster showering/bathing.

Additional Credits:
Made using Sims4Studio