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TwistedMexi's Terrain Pack

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Uploaded: 18th Apr 2017 at 7:57 AM
Updated: 15th May 2017 at 2:52 AM
I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who has a house set on uneven terrain. I felt that even if we couldn't have full fledged terrain tools, we deserved *something* to break up the dull 2D nature of the Sims 4 worlds. This object pack offers near infinite combinations for terrain, albeit with a bit of creativity. I hope you guys enjoy the pack as much as I enjoyed making it.

The pack has 72 objects of various types of terrain that can be used in combination to create near limitless terrain aesthetics. It is not a full terrain tool. Why didn't I make a terrain tool? I go more in depth in my guide but in a nutshell, I've researched the sims 4 engine extensively and it's simply not built with terrain manipulation in mind. For that reason, I doubt Maxis will ever add them so this is the next best thing.

If you've tried everything and can't seem to find the right part or combination to achieve what you want, let me know and if it's truly needed, I'll expand the pack to include the new terrain type.

I highly recommend you read my Quickstart Guide before attempting to use this pack. It goes into detail on the types of objects and how to use them to their fullest potential.

MoveObjects On is an essential for many of the items in this pack, as they intersect terrain. If you'd like to keep MoveObjects On constant, try my "Always MOO" mod .

A good tip for decorating is to use moveobjects and use the '0' and '9' keys to elevate objects for mounds and pits.

Objects can be found under Outdoor Plants -> Shrubs


If you'd like to support me and my future mod development, please refer to my signature or profile.

Polygon Counts:
Mound 16x16: 765
Mound 10x10: 765
Mound 10x6: 550
Mound 8x8: 394
Mound 6x6: 440
Mound 4x8: 332
Mound 4x6: 349
Mound 4x4: 226
Mound 2x4: 190
Mound 2x2: 190
WS Pit 40x8: 387
WS Pit 26x6: 232
WS Pit 16x20: 386
WS Pit 10x30: 385
WS Pit 10x10: 387
WS Pit 10x5: 405
WS Pit 10x3: 323
WS Pit 8x4: 221
WS Pit 6x3: 237
WS Pit 2x8: 184
WS Pit 2x6: 189
WS Pit 2x4: 150
WS Pit 1x4: 116
WS Pit 1x2: 128
Pit 16x16: 765
Pit 10x10: 765
Pit 10x6: 550
Pit 8x8: 394
Pit 6x6: 440
Pit 4x8: 332
Pit 4x6: 349
Pit 4x4: 226
Pit 2x4: 190
Pit 2x2: 190
WS Mound 40x8: 387
WS Mound 26x6: 232
WS Mound 18x20: 386
WS Mound 10x30: 385
WS Mound 10x10: 387
WS Mound 10x5: 405
WS Mound 10x3: 323
WS Mound 8x4: 221
WS Mound 6x3: 237
WS Mound 2x8: 184
WS Mound 2x6: 189
WS Mound 2x4: 150
WS Mound 1x4: 116
WS Mound 1x2: 128
WallCover 1x10: 423
WallCover 1x6: 424
WallCover 1x4: 424
WallCover 1x2: 430
Transitional: 1280
S. Pit 12x12: 440
S. Pit 10x10: 409
S. Pit 12x12: 440
S. Pit 10x6: 550
S. Pit 8x8: 394
S. Pit 6x12: 440
S. Pit 6x6: 440
Round Mound 10x10: 575
Round Mound 10x6: 575
Round Mound 8x8: 575
Round Mound 8x6: 575
Round Mound 6x6: 575
Round Mound 4x8: 343
Round Mound 4x6: 288
Round Mound 4x4: 288
Round Mound 2x4: 228
Round Mound 2x2: 228

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio