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Mask Mod: Wear Objects as Masks and Hats

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Uploaded: 30th Sep 2014 at 2:53 AM
Adding this mod lets you set objects as your head (setmask) or as a hat (sethat) as well as scale, rotate, and interact with the objects. Expect crazy animations!

In some instances, interacting with an object may cause it to be placed on the ground, including outside of your lot.
Don't worry! Hat and mask spawned objects are removed any time you leave the lot or save the game.
You can also remove it without leaving the lot by using the removemask command or setting a new head object!

This mod enables the following commands:

Adds object at neck-level
tm.setmask <objectID> <scale> <vertical rotation> <horizontal rotation>

Adds object at head-level
tm.sethat <objectID> <scale> <vertical rotation> <horizontal rotation>

Removes current sim's mask

In order to use these cheats, you'll need a list of object ID's.
Some common ones, as well as a link to a complete list, can be found on my wiki.

The odd-looking numbers are the game's "unique id" for each object, these are what you'll use in the commands.


Set your head to a gigantic TV
tm.setmask 0x0000de07

Set your head to a life-size TV:
tm.setmask 0x0000de07 1

All other parameters are optional:

Scale: sets the size of the object. A value of "1" will set it to it's real-world size. "2" will be 2x bigger, and "0.5" will be half as big.

Vertical Rotation: sets how much the object tilts forward or backward. Play with these numbers to get the angle right.

Horizontal Rotation: sets which direction the object is facing. Play with these numbers to get the angle right.


Save the file directly to your mods folder. Do not unzip!

Make sure script mods are enabled in your game options > Other tab. If they aren't, enable them and restart your game.
Make sure you're on the latest version of the game by checking for updates in origin.