Mental Powers

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Uploaded: 7th May 2017 at 10:57 PM
Updated: 5th Jun 2017 at 8:50 AM - Removed testing flag from title
Mod Info
Developed and tested on game version 1.67.

Object Info
Amulet (looks like a golden coin with a black spider symbol)
Existing basegame mesh, retextured. Vertices: 44. Polygons: 40. Non-complatable.
The amulet is found in the BuyCatalog in: ByFunction/Entertainment/Misc

I think there is a way to make an object live draggable even on community lots or
on not owned residential lots, but ATM I don't remember how. As alternative, I could
make the amulet pickable, so you could put it inside a tomb-like place and have a little
quest to retrieve it. I'm not telling you how to play the game, it's merely a suggestion.

Mod Description
This is a set of powers that you can assign to certain Sims.
Only teen+ Sims can use them because I didn't want to make the children version of the animations.
There's no chance to fail when using a power.
There is no learning and no progression, all powers are available from the start.
But who can use these powers?

This would have been the perfect time to use a custom trait made with CTM (Custom Traits Manager),
but I know that people are scared of using it (and I can't blame them) because uninstalling a
custom trait it's a tricky business and if not done correctly the savegame can get corrupted
(the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that a dedicated console command
should allow to safely, easily and quickly un-install a custom trait or skill).

So, I've decided to use an object (the amulet) to filter who can use these powers:
Sims who have the amulet in their inventory can use them. As simple as that.
Note: I've made the check on the amulet optional, you can disable it (then all teen+
Sims will be able to use the powers) and maybe you can create a custom trait
with CTM and use it as required trait defining filters for all interactions of this mod.
I won't do that myself, I'll leave it as exercise if there's someone interested.

List of Powers
There are 7 powers, none of them is particularly original and there are many overlaps with
aliens, fairies and witches.
  • Bless: removes unlucky and gives lucky buff;
  • Bane: removes lucky and gives unlucky buff, decrease relationship between actor and target;
  • Cleansing: clean a single dirty object;
  • Floating: self-only power, uses ghost walking style for the duration of the related buff.
    Ghosts, faeries and GrimReaper can't use it.
    This is just an eye candy, it has no gameplay effect AFAIK (and that walking style is way slower
    than the default one, so I guess it's just to brag with the neighbours that you can levitate)
  • Heal: removes some debuffs, it's like a nerfed version of the sunlight spell.
    Moodlets removed: backache, nauseous, sore, saddle sore, allergy haze, mummy curse + exhausted and fleas.
  • Mending: repairs a single broken object (similar to AlienRepair);
  • Poison: gives nauseous buff, decrease relationship between actor and target

I've included a sound effect taken from Seasons EP. Without it the visual effect would
be pretty lame. Shhhh, don't tell EA. They are (unmodified) default replacements;
- _AUD fx_alien_repair_scan_lp01 0x01A527DB-0x781407EC-0xC6D86C7B7882F143
- AUDT fx_alien_repair_scan_lp 0x8070223D-0x781407EC-0xAE8B344032A55D32
The annoying thing is that the sound loops even when the game is paused
(it's the same visual effect and sound of the AlienRepair interaction).

Additional Credits
All respective authors and contributors of the tools and tutorials for modding TS3.
MTS and all modders who made the game much more enjoyable.