~ Forever Yours ~ Samu Haber

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I seem to have the keenest eye for Slavic/Scandinavian features, so today, have one more cute Finn from me )) Say hi to Samu Haber!

Samu is a Finnish singer-songwriter, and the lead vocalist and frontman of pop-rock band Sunrise Avenue. Half Finnish, half German, ice hockey lover and a pretty persistent guy who visited about a hundred record companies and agents in search for a label for Sunrise Avenue's music =) Was a judge in The Voice of Germany in 2013, 2014 and 2016. 41, but still enjoying his artistic profession to the fullest, never afraid to make a fool of himself and make fun of that in the process)

Ok, after the usual music sample under the cut, let me happily state that Samu comes fully packaged for your downloading convenience - you don't need to download anything else to see him exactly like he appears in the preview pics. Yay! His hair is from TS2 Store and Store CAS items are known to store both mesh and texture in one package, so don't be puzzled when you get one file for hair - it works perfectly fine.

Enjoy a new guy in your hood, hope you have fun playing with him! They're good friends with Marko Saaresto from Poets of the Fall so you might as well grab both of them to double the fun )

Custom Content by Me:
- Samu's face

Custom Content Included:
- Natural Fierce brows in Blond by Io aka Serabiet
- Adoring eyes in Blue by dragonmandy
- Model T+ Fuzzies in Blond by AlfredAskew
- Mouth Corner 04 by DigitalAngels
- -Lilith-Delicate Nosemask-light rose by Lilith
- Double lid blush by SimpleLife
- Facial Shadow wrinkle by SimpleLife
- Facial Shadow forehead by SimpleLife
- Facial Shadow brow by SimpleLife
- Facial Shadow mouth by SimpleLife
- Natural Eyeliner by SimpleLife
- -Lilith-Whispers Lips-cream by Lilith
- Idolatry of Flesh redux in Blush by HystericalParoxysm
- Fringed hair in Blonde from TS2 Store (now closed)
- MDP Boho Sweater in Grey by Chrysocolla
- 4t2 AM Sweater Multi Boho by MDPhantasme
- Make A Move - Jeans with slip-on Vans - dark by Yuichen
- Skinnies with Vans MESH by Kayleigh

Additional Credits:
MTS Mod Squad, who considered and finally approved the idea of allowing TS2 Store content, so you don't have to hunt for the hair elsewhere ~_^
Delphy, for making a place to learn and share our creations

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