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Wee Ones Adoption Center

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2017 at 2:18 PM
Updated: 21st May 2018 at 5:53 PM - display cot updated link, typo correction
  • Tired of waiting a day to have a little Simlet join the family?
  • Are the pitter-patter of puppy and kitten paws just not enough?!
  • Perhaps your Sim is a bit aged, busy or physically unable to have a child naturally?
  • Or maybe your Sim would just like to open their heart and home to a Sim child?
  • Just need another community lot to fill in the empty spaces?
    If the answer is YES to any of those, I may have a solution for you...

Presenting, Wee Ones Adoption Center - my upload for the Maternity and Beyond theme! A community lot where you can adopt a baby or toddler on the spot! No waiting and no financial requirement. We have a lovely waiting area with photos of our happy families, a waiting lounge with vending snacks and a garden area if you need to take a small, brisk walk before you select your little one. Our babies and toddlers have a comfortable, quiet nursery decorated with soft, soothing colors and all the comforts young ones require. All that's missing is YOU. Won't you open your home and heart to a wee one soon by placing this community lot in your 'hood?

Sales pitch aside, haha, this lot was made so I could make use of Chris Hatch's adoption cribs (Apartment Life EP or higher required to use the cribs).

With his special cribs, Sims can adopt a baby or toddler on the spot and when they arrive home the new addition will be there waiting for them. As mentioned in his Read Me: "It will not function at a livable lot or if the lot has an owned business, it's for adopting not selling kids. The adoption option is only available to adults that live in a real family that is not already 'Full of Sims'." There are mock offices on the lot to simulate meeting with an adoption specialist, and mock nanny areas in the nursery area, but they are for show/realism.

Remember, this will not work on a livable lot or as an owned business.

- Use the no CC file if you do NOT want Chris Hatch's orphan display cot included.
- You can always replace the cribs with regular Maxis cribs or other custom content to make it your own spin on an adoption center/centre.

The ONLY item of CC included in the lot is the crib. Everything else is Maxis.

I hope you enjoy adding some wee ones to your Sims unique families! :lovestruc

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 110534

Custom Content Included:
- CJH Orphan Display Cot by Chris Hatch/Back Alley Sims - original site is closed, this is a link to an alternate download location

Additional Credits:
Thank you:
Chris Hatch for your Orphan Display Cot
Everyone who provided advice/suggestions/help when building this: joandsarah77, attuned, SimmyRN, Justpetro, Peni Griffin
PenelopeT for uploading the Read Me info so I didn't have to hunt mine down.