Medieval French Cathedral

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Uploaded: 5th Jan 2018 at 5:08 AM
Updated: 7th Mar 2018 at 5:45 AM
Greetings, Simmers!

This is another one of the lots that's been hanging out forever.... I started on it 5 years ago....and it just keeps evolving. I cleared out a lot of cc (for example.... a fully built out crypt in the undercroft) that you can personalize it for one of your own neighborhoods.

*** no sims have been harmed in the building of this lot..... there are no is absolutely clean...

A huge thank you to Frances and Lithium from the old Sims Caravan/Sims Design Avenue.... their site is gone but they left us some wonderful gothy stuff!

**** The picture of the Madonna enthroned and the Chartres Cathedral facade can be found here:
thank you "Wilbur's travels"
**** The picture of the stained glass for "David" and "Solomon" are lancet windows beneath the large rose window and can be found on wikipedia here:
thank you to the photographer, Guillaume Piolle
**** The Picture of the enthroned Charlemagne can be found here:
thank you, Ellen Wilhelm

**** Pictures of the stained glass for the prophets, Daniel, Hosea, and Jonas can be found on wikimedia :
Thank You, Hans Bernhard
Thanks to all of the creators/converters who make the cool stuff for us....

all cc is included

enjoy the lot!

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price (furnished): 150000

Custom Content by Me:
- Recolor of arched vault
- red hydrangea recolor
- pink peony recolor of hydrangea bush
- gothic wood recolor of Venice entry door
- dark recolor of gothic door frame
- OLd London Romanesque fence
- tiled romanesque wall
- interior and exterior walls
- stone ceiling
- round window recolors
- altar recolor
- small gothic window recolor
- Budapest II custom roof
- main door sculpture recolor
- 2 storey window recolors

b]Custom Content Included:[/b]
- 2 Storey romanesque column by Freya
- BSI Hydrangeas by Samantaablack
- BSI Rose Bushes by Samantaablack
- Venetian Vaulted Corner arch by Lowedeus
- Venetian Gothic Arch window by Lowedeus
- Venetian Gothic Door by Lowedeus
- 2 storey window by Lethe s
- Wood Tile Decorated Small by sunni9676 look under her "noble interiors"
- Knight Statue by HafiseAzale
- Buttress by Lama
- Flying Buttress by Lama
- Fence segment by Maryata
- Gothic Column by Kativip
- 1 tile gothic window by Kativip
- 1 tile gothic window by Kativip
- 2 tile round window by Kativip
- Jeweled Cross by Maron
- gothic gate by Kativip
- Peteran Pulpit by VampireKiss6661
- wall torch by mustluvcatz
- Broken Cornice by guatla

Additional Credits:
Delphy for MTS

All of those who developed SimPE our Moderators
MTS Community