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EDUKATE booksets (decorative clutter)

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Uploaded: 10th Jan 2018 at 1:05 AM
What can I say? I LOVE books; and I want my Sims to love them as well. Here's another set of book clutter, this time taken from the surfer bookcase featured in the Teen Style Stuff Pack. They are Base Game compatible and should work in any Sims 2 game configuration you have.

The booksets are weighted as deco objects (11, for those who know), so they should fit into any slot on any object. Each set has 5 new recolors, which are all repositoried in the Bookset 1A package. All other booksets are slaved to the Bookset 1A, so it MUST in the Downloads folder in order for the textures to work and be visible in the game.

Enjoy decorating, and Happy Reading!

Technical info:

Tools used: SimPE, GIMP, Blender 2.79

Catalogue placement: Decorative > Sculptures

In-game price - 7

Polygon Counts:
set 1A - 44
set 1B - 36
set 2A - 204
set 2B - 24
set 2C - 36
set 3 - 78
set 4A - 34
set 4B - 42
set 5 - 78

Additional Credits: SimPE - thanks to Quaxi and all his fine collaborators
CEP- thanks to Numenor and RGiles for this valuable gift to our hobby
MTS- thanks to the griffin formerly known as Delphy for hosting this great community