dARE's CurvyDesk - Three-tile modern desk

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2017 at 10:21 PM
I saw a desk similar to this on a furniture site a while back. My sim really wanted one for his new house. It started out as a normal two-tile desk but, due to some clipping problems and taking into account the comments made on my last 3-tile desk, it just seemed natural that a three-tile desk would be more useful and better received.

When it comes to desks, I personally like lots of cubbyholes, shelves, hidden compartments, drawers, pencil slots, ink wells... any storage nook and cranny you can think of, I want it in my desk. That just shows my age, say some - the new style is bare, transparent, clean. I agree it looks nicer in some aesthetically pleasing ways, but what if I need to scribble out a mesh idea, take some measurements, make some notes? Drawers are the answer - I can't give up my pencil, paper, ruler, highlighter, etc., but I can keep them neatly tucked away.

So this is my attempt at a more modern, clean-looking desk. That I added drawers to in a panic.
There are 4 slots: one in the center of each tile on the desktop, and one extra deco slot on the lower drawer that can be used for a small plant or candle or whatever decoration /clutter you want. Please enjoy.

some technical info: cloned from Chiclettina Execudrone Desk(basegame), in-game price - 888, all textures are Maxis-manipulated in GIMP 2.8, 1388 faces

Known issues:
Computers only work in the center tile, for now.

Tools used:
SimPE, Blender 2.77, GIMP 2.8.22

Polygon Counts:
shadows - 8
glasstop - 108
base - 424
desktop - 828 (drawers, posts, & handles)

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the MTS community for all the resources and helpful folk, and to Delphy for holding it all together.
To Quaxi et al for SimPE