Three Waterfalls

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Uploaded: 28th May 2018 at 6:46 PM
Updated: 5th Jun 2018 at 11:13 AM - Additional Info & file
Here's Three different waterfalls for your pools, ponds, and fountains. Each waterfall has three different sizes and different color swatches. The rock waterfall, converted from Sims 3, can be used for building custom natural waterfall or a nice add on to a home. The basic waterfall can be easily hidden, so you can make a custom waterfall of your choosing. The modern waterfall, also a sims 3 conversion, is great with home and modern builds. Use the moveobject cheat to place, use the ctrl + 9/0 and/or alt + left mouse button cheat to position in place. All three light up like the ones in Spa Day. Each Waterfall is located in the pool objects and fountain deco area in build mode and they cost $1 each. Feel free to recolor.

Personal Note: I've been making CC for the Sims sense Sims 2. I decided to share and see what happens. Be nice. I have a background in CAD, Art, and computer hardware and software.


I was informed that the waterfalls can be swam through, I thought it was a mod I had but I guess not. If you want that from happening, you might need to put an object in the way that has a footprint. I hope this doesn't cause too many issues.

I solved the issue with the footprint. I made them separate files, so you can have both in the games. The new files are the same ploy and name except, I added footprint after the names.

Polygon Counts:
Basic Waterfall (Short, Med, and Tall)
LOD 0 - 16 Poly
Shadow LOD - 12 Poly
Only one LOD group per object

Modern Waterfall (Short, Med, and Tall)
LOD 0 - 180 poly
Shadow LOD - 176 poly
Only one LOD group per object

Rock Waterfall (Short, Med, and Tall)
LOD 0 - 2369 poly
Shadow LOD - 2365
Only one LOD group per object

Additional Credits:
SIms4Studio,, TSR Workshop, Blender, and TinkerCAD (great site for making .ogj files)