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Higher Payouts Concert Payouts For Your Rockstar

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Uploaded: 15th Jul 2018 at 12:24 PM
Updated: 15th Jul 2018 at 7:41 PM

The Prologue, well kinda...
After working my sim up to a level 10 rockstar, I was quite disappointed about the amount of simoleons your rockstar sim comes out with after walking out of a tiring long concert. Even the stadium, which grants more than double the money that you come out of the theatre with isn't a fantastic sum of money, and you could easily get just as much in the same time from selling masterpiece paintings or even more from the top of any other career. So with the help of a XML override tutorial and some very helpful members, I have created a mod coming in four flavours that will increase the earnings from playing concerts. These range from double the payouts to five times the default amount!

Chapter 1: The Flavours... delish!
The default payouts are 600 simoleons from the theatre and 1600 simoleons from the stadium.
* X2 doubles these to 1200 and 3200 simoleons!
* X3 triples the earnings to 1800 and 4800.
* X4 will get you 2400 and 6400 simoleons
* Then X5 is the highest, bumping your payouts to 3000 simoleons from theatre concerts and 8000 simoleons from the stadium!
* New! Three new extreme flavours! X10, X30 and X50, which will give you truckloads of simoleons! Be warned though, your sims won't have any money problems anymore. :P

Chapter 2: The Credits, wait the movie's over?
Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE and nonamena for a really handy tutorial allowed me to make this mod within five minutes! Also credit to Don Babilon for helping me get started on XML override modding. Thanks a million Don!

Chapter 3: The Conflicts, oh no!
This mod has been tested on 1.69. Fortunately, this mod will only conflict with S3_0333406C_00000000_8312824E2C2DED88_Stadium_0x8312824e2c2ded88%%+_XML.xml and S3_0333406C_00000000_E16F1C0C8D45C37C_Theatre_0xe16f1c0c8d45c37c%%+_XML.xml, which are tuning files for the Stadium and the Theatre. You will also experience a conflict if you have Don Babilon's rabbithole override mod. Other than that, there's nothing to worry about, phew!

Chapter 4: The Terms of Use.
This mod is completely free. I'm not charging any money for downloading it. So I don't want this mod on any paysites, or I will send a tragic clown over by email, and maybe even a repo man or a very angry unicorn if I'm in a good mood.

The Epilogue, everything's a happy ending!
Thanks very much for downloading! I hope you enjoy using this mod, I wish you good luck and lots of wealth from performing those heavy metal concerts at the Llama Memorial Stadium! You can spend it on loads of supercars, a huge [profanity] awesome house or you could build a nice fence around your *ahem* spouse's pool!