Produce Packer for Aysarth's Custom Crops

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2019 at 11:45 PM
Updated: 21st Feb 2019 at 1:54 PM
A few people commented that they would like to be able to pack up my custom crops with the Produce Packer, so I have made a custom version that packs nine of my crops instead of the nine Maxis crops. Simwardrobe hasn't been around for a while, so I have not been able to ask his permission to do this. If he comes back to the community and objects, I will take it down again.

For those who don't know, the Produce Packer takes twelve items of produce from the controlled sim's or business owner's inventory and produces a crate of the produce. The crates can be bought or sold and, when unpacked, deposit twelve items of produce in the active sim's inventory, ready to stock the fridge etc. If anyone wants to try the original Produce Packer, a link to download it is in Bulbizarre's signature, although the link may not currently be working due to SFS site maintenance.

My version only differs from the original in that it has its own GUID and packs my custom crops. Of course, to have it work, you will need my custom crops in your game as well. I will put links to the download pages below. One file from the original produce packer is also required, the empty crate package. For convenience, I have included that in my upload.

Packed Crops and Vertices

Which of my crops can be packed is under the spoiler, along with the vertex count of the packed crates. WARNING - FAIRLY HIGH POLY - although no higher than the originals! The empty crate alone has 1084 vertices. The packing machine itself has only 444 vertices.

Texture Attributions

Most of the textures used in making the packed crates were the same as for my custom crops, and the attributions can be found listed on their upload pages. A few additional ones were also used, as shown under the spoiler.

The Produce Packer requires Seasons and has been tested in my own game, with all EPs/SPs. It is available under Garden Center/Gardening for $399.

Links to my custom crops:
Pleasant Earth Pumpkin Patch
Grow Your Greens Garden Plot
Custom Seasons Orchard Trees
Harvestable Cherry Tree

Polygon Counts:
Shown in main text under spoiler.

Additional Credits:
SimWardrobe, for making the original Produce Packer.
The makers of Simpe, Blender, UVMapper, and the other cool tools we get to use for free.
Maxis for making the game.