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The Ruins (2 versions) redux

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  • Theese are ruins of two mermadic temple were underwater long time ago. There are two generations of mermaids were discovered now in sims world. I named it light mermaids and mermaids of the dark. They`re as this ruins are seems the same but very different to each other. Each Ruins is having magic statue you can use to become a mermaid. The statue of the Sun Temple can be used any time, the statue of the Moon temple can be used only at night. There are a lot story preparations you need to do before become a mermaid. And theese are different for each type.
  • Each temple has one fishing spot of rare fishes species I don`t know exactly. The dark styled fishes at the Ruins of the Moon and somethin evarage at the Ruins of the Sun.
  • Objects specialised National Park lot type are trice decreased and hidden inside a basement ruins

Have used some CC for this buildings I recommend you but they are optionally to install :
General tips to place the lot
You need to have a free EA Holiday Celebration Pack 2014 being installed to place the Ruins of the Moon Temple. All custom creations I used are optionally to install. If you don`t wanna use Mermaids Mod, you`ll have a warning of CC was lost before you place a lot. Just ignore it and place any Ruins you like and you`ll have an empty look almost the same as Vindi`s Ruins at the Sims 2.

  • 6.03.19: Game version added

I don`t upolad this lot to exchange. Also don`t do it and don`t claim as your own please! Thanks for attention!
Vic ^_^

The Ruins of Sun Temple

Lot Type: National Park
Lot Features: None

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 68.576
Lot Price (unfurnished): 48.576

The Ruins of Moon Temple

Lot Type: National Park
Lot Features: None

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 52.040
Lot Price (unfurnished): 47.040

Additional Credits:
My first ever picked creator of the old MTS teachers school V1ND1CARE for the great idea of such Ruins I hommage from the Sims 2. You can found it here.

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Unfurnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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