Expanded Mermaids

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Uploaded 16th Jul 2019 at 3:53 PM · Updated 1st Dec 2021 at 1:30 AM by SpinningPlumbobs

Compatible with the November 30th, 2021 Patch!

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Update History:

-Fixed Italian translation by Michela Caruso.

-Fixed incompatibilities with the July 20th Cottage Living patch!

-Bug fixes for the Sims Sessions patch.
-Fixed a small STBL bug that conflicted with the Fairies vs. Witches mod.

-Major bug fixes. Sea Witches will no longer reset when trying to phase other sims. MCCC Last Exception Errors should no longer occur.
-Cross-Compatibility with the Fairies vs. Witches Mod

-Fixed animation bugs that were causing the game to crash when hiding mermaid and kelpie forms.

-The Expanded Mermaids mod is compatible with the Snowy Escape patch! No need to redownload.

-Spanish, Russian, and Japanese translations have been added thanks to alainbardelas, doctordaniellatulp, and maru, respectively.

-Updated the mod to be compatible with the Eco Lifestyle patch and fixed a few bugs.

-Added two new "Lounge" interactions where a mermaid will lay on the ground with their tail out and relax, increasing the Fun motive.

-Changed most interactions to use custom animations I created. This allows a lot of interactions to be done in the water, so your mermaids won't have to swim to the shore to do them!

-Stabilized Mermaid/Kelpie hybrids so there should be minimal CAS part conflicts.

-Kelpies will now transform against their will if they swim in the ocean at night. I wanted to create more of a challenge for them, similar to werewolves, and I plan to add a feature for them to learn to resist the transformation in a future update.

-Sea Witches can now "Relinquish Powers" to remove their lifestate. They will lose all knowledge of magic, but will be able to recite Poseidon's Incantation again without reading the grimoire.

-The Vampires pack is no longer a requirement.

***The "Diving Only" version of the mod has been removed because the original mod now doesn't require the Vampires pack. All features of this mod require the base game and Island Living, so there is no reason to keep track of two separate versions.

- Fixed French translation by NovaJY.

- Changed the constant confident buff for Sea Witches to be hidden and emotionless.

- Alaria and Reef kelps can be consumed while swimming, BUT the animation doesn't work with the swimming posture, so the object will just disappear and your sim's hunger need will go up.

- Blank interactions and notifications should be fixed now.

- Mermaids and Kelpies can "Relieve Self" in water to fulfill bladder motive.

- Kelpies swim almost as fast as Mermaids.

- Reduced time for "Dive for Kelp" and "Fetch Fish".

- Eating Alaria Kelp now increases the Shapeshifting Power motive and allows Kelpies to immediately switch back to human form if they’ve transformed against their will.

- Mermaids can now "Confess to Being a Mermaid". Sims will not believe them unless they are close friends.

- Mermaids can hide their mermaid form and keep their legs in the water if they want. This can be switched on and off. *The game automatically reapplies their mermaid form every time a lot is reloaded, so you will need to hide their tail again when moving lots or reloading the game.*

- Sims can now "Ask For Magical Help" from Sea Witches if they're friendly enough with them. This sets up a contract, allowing non-Sea Witches to choose the spells they want used on them.

- If you request a spell from the Sea Witch, there will be a time limit for when you can give a payment. If you don't pay a Sea Witch for their spell within 3 days, you will receive a nasty curse...

- Kelpies now have a selection of 6 color variants that can be changed while in their Kelpie Form.

- Small bug fixes.

- Mermaids should now be able to become Kelpies by consuming the Alaria Kelp Bulb. They will get a "Nauseous" buff that will eventually turn into "Fish Fever" and if your sim is swimming in the ocean when the buff expires, they will transform into a Kelpie!

- After a LOT of work and sleepless nights, I bring you an update that adds several more mermaid interactions, special objects, and even a couple lifestates! All the aspects of the original mod are still there, but improved and expanded. This is a big overhaul, so let's get into it!

New Ocean Interactions

I've added a few more interactions, including "Dive for Kelp" and "Fetch Fish". With these, your sim will dive below the surface briefly and return with a piece of Reef Kelp, which your mermaids can eat, or they'll get a random type of fish. These can be repeated as many times as you wish.

The most important addition is the "Dive Deeper" interaction. When your mermaid sim reaches level 5 Fitness skill, they will unlock this interaction and be able to dive down to the darker depths of the ocean to catch more exotic types of fish such as electric eels and anglerfish! They may also find some other interesting items on their journey...

Mermaids can also sleep underwater now! It works like the EA sleep interaction, but your sim will dive below the surface.


Mermaids aren't the only creatures inhabiting the water anymore... Kelpies are shapeshifting sea monsters that can disguise themselves as humans! There are a variety of ways to turn a sim into a Kelpie, but the best way is to find a piece of kelp while diving in the deep ocean... Unfortunately, their Kelpie form isn't customizeable, but they have a few interesting abilities such as bioluminescence and a shocking touch similar to an electric eel. They can hide among humans, but they can only stay disguised for so long before they lose control and transform against their will. They can only turn into their Kelpie form at night, so be sure to keep their Shapeshifting Power charged!

Sea Witches

Last but not least, my favorite addition: Sea Witches!

Another special item that can be found while exploring the deep sea is Poseidon's Grimoire. This special book contains magic from the Greek god of the sea! When a mermaid or a Child of the Ocean reads this spellbook, they unlock the Sea Sorcery skill, which allows them to cast a variety of spells related to water, the ocean, mermaids, and even a few things just related to the supernatural in general. Most of these powers can be learned individually through studying the grimoire and include spells like summoning lightning, water manipulation, and even teleportation!

At level 5 of the Sea Sorcery Skill, your sims will be able to learn how to bind contracts with other sims and perform certain spells on them in exchange for money or other valuable assets... For example, you might offer to fulfill a sim's wish by turning them into a human, but they will have to give up their ability to love and form romantic relationships. It seems harsh, but life's full of tough choices, isn't it? Each spell and subsequent payment is interchangeable and up to the player to decide. But, if you're feeling generous, you can simply choose to release them from the contract as well.

Each spell costs your Sea Witch their Aquatic Energy, a special need that can be replenished by swimming in the sea or meditating beneath the moon.


Now, any clickable spot on the ocean will be diveable for mermaids! They will swim to the spot and go below the surface, embarking on a little rabbithole journey similar to the beach cave in Sulani. While diving, you will get little notifications about your sim's exploration!

After returning from a dive, you will get a notification telling what your sim did/found on their journey. There are several outcomes and different items you can find, which I intend to add to in the future. One of these outcomes will give your mermaid a special new power...

Your mermaid sim may learn a new siren song on one of their journeys called the "Mesmerizing Melody". This song will put humans into a trance, allowing you to force their love, make them fall in love with someone else, or even fatally break their heart! *07/31/19 Update* Mermaids that have already learned the Mesmerizing Melody can now teach it to other mermaids!

One more interaction I added is the ability for mermaids to "Speed Swim'. If a mermaid is swimming, you can click on another part of the ocean as far away as you want and direct them to "Speed Swim Here". Your sim will dive underwater and resurface where you directed them to instantly!


This mod overrides the file S4_CB5FDDC7_0000001C_0000000000030983_trait_OccultMermaid and will conflict with any mod that alters the same resource.