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Beehive Hairdo (New Mesh)

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Uploaded 16th Apr 2019 at 11:14 AM · Updated 23rd Apr 2019 at 11:10 AM by carrit

Hello again,

I've remade an old beta hairstyle that is well known for being Irma Oldie's hair. However, this version is meant to be more like an update of the original. A less solid version per say.

While this is certainly a strange hairstyle, it really isn't that out of place in a game where you can have gravity defying pigtails.

I was unable to get the animation to work properly but I decided it would be fine without it as I only intended to make the fringe move.

Just like the Darling hair this hairstyle is only available for YAF/AF & Elder female sims.

Special thanks to TheSims1Master for helping with the textures!

Feel free to edit as much as you like but keep it free.

Thanks for viewing!

Polygon Counts:
Base: 220

Alphas: 123 each (246)

Total: 466

Additional Credits:
TheSims1Master for helping out with the textures!

Hair Style: Maxis-Match
Maxis Flags: Unlocked Maxis Content Fixed Maxis Content
Bin Type: Binned
Age: Young Adult Adult Elder

Tags: #Beehive, #Beta, #Irma, #Oldie, #Update, #Fancy, #Formal