Aquabox Aquarium Conversion

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Uploaded: 27th Apr 2019 at 7:24 PM
Updated: 10th Aug 2020 at 12:08 AM
Watch a little in-game preview of a fully stocked aquarium here:

Small update to fix an issue where the aquarium wouldn't show up if Spa Day wasn't installed. Please Re-download if needed

This is a very exciting upload for me and I'm so happy I managed to finish it before my trip. I would advise you to read all the notes below as it contains quite a bit of useful information.
With that said, I present to you the:

"AquaBox 60 Gallons of Awesome Aquarium"
A fully functional aquarium for your sims' homes, to bring a glimpse of the ocean right into your home!

1) This aquarium works the same as the aquariums in spa day/dine out/cats & dogs etc.
2) Once you buy and place a tank on your lot, some fish will spawn inside of it, REGARDLESS if you bought/stored fishes yourself. These fishes can't be customized or changed they are mostly decorative (think of the aquarium table in My First Pet Stuff)
This it to make the tank feel more alive and not just an empty box filled with water.
3) You can store UP TO 6 different fish per tank. (regardless of the decorative fishes)
4) The light is fully customizable.
5) ALL the fish remain inside the tank and don't clip with each other or the tank's environment.
6) There are 5 interactions available (see last screenshot):
~Set Light Intensity
~Turn Light On/Off
~Purchase Fish (the type of fish available for purchase will depend on what DLC you have. You can also, store the fish you catch by fishing around the world)
~View Fish (only available when stocked with at least 1 fish)

*The aquarium can be found under: Activities and Skills/Recreation for 18000$ (or under the name "AquaBox 60 Gallons of Awesome Aquarium")
You can also find it by searching: "simsi45" or "aquarium"


Apparently all FX in the game (such as fish, bubbles, smoke, fire etc.) are available for EVERYONE regardless on whether you have the pack they came with or not.

So, YES, this aquarium is completely BASE GAME COMPATIBLE. The types of fish that are available to purchase will depend on what DLC you have installed. (You can also store fish you caught yourself, around the world)

~I also want to give a huge special thanks to Minimonster-newmonster for providing me useful information about working with different FX and for helping me compile the custom tuning file. Without his help this aquarium wouldn't look as good as it does now!
~Also another huge thanks to scumbumbo for helping me make the aquarium BG compatible! Thanks once again guys! ~

That's all folks. Worked quite hard on this but I think the end result was worth it.
I have one more aquarium that's almost complete and will probably share it before I go.
Hope you enjoy

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