3 more patterned versions of twofingerswhiskey's bruncheon dresses

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2019 at 2:24 AM
Updated: 29th Aug 2019 at 8:16 PM
...and Hello again!

Awhile ago I submitted a request on GoS for someone to make the old granny dress from a very early ts2 trailer and thankfully someone by the name of twofingerswhiskey took it up. (thanks again btw!)

I loved what they made so much that I made 3 more patterned versions and improved their red version. The red version was very splotchy, but that's not the 2FW's fault. it replaces the original file

I also included the pink version too which is available from the same GoS request page, but I added it here just for convenience.

and with the exception of the pink version, all the dresses are for everyday and formal.

Red fix:


Please check out the other five versions by 2FW here

Happy Simming!

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to twofingerswhiskey for the original dress!