Stylish Setup - TS3 Remake

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Uploaded: 15th Mar 2020 at 5:08 PM
Updated: 23rd Feb 2022 at 10:23 AM

This was the best premade modern house in TS2 (in my opinion), so when I got my hands on TS3 I knew I had to remake it. I remade the floorplan as it was in TS2, however some changes are made due to some limitations in TS3 and to spice up the lot a little more. One, obviously, is that a spiral staircase is used instead of the double L-stairs because you can't utilize platforms the same way as in TS2. I added more plants and painted the landscape for a more natural look. And the rooms in the original seemed empty, so more furniture is added as enhancements.

To make this lot as identical as the TS2 original, custom content is extensively used. These are not included, unless indicated.

Windowvation window 1x1 by mutske
Latis outdoor low fence by Angela
Justa Column (regular) by cyclonesue
Florida window (top) by gelina
Spiral stairs and balcony rail by LilyOfTheValley
TS2 hedge conversion (small) by Mireluk
Contemporary window full height by Inge Jones
Wall with middle dado by me **Included**

-This wall covering I made has three recolorable channels with a price of §1, and is located in wallpaper category. Made with TSRW.

Modern Bright dining room vases by deeiutza
Martini ceiling lamp by DOT
Arrow Down wall lamp by DOT
P1 ceiling lamp by DOT
Your space to cook overstove by pyszny16
Ikea inspired Lillanden bathroom mirror by TheNumbersWoman
That's the Spirit coffee table by Simcredible
Gardening Foyer cactus by Simcredible
Mantis cube by Simcredible
ATS3 4to3 Tiny Living rug
ATS3 corded phone
ATS3 Wolff Living loveseat
Aveline storage jars by shakeshaft
TS2 objects converted by Naus Allien (Free Time stove and Modern Stereo)
TS2 Touch of Teak armoire converted by Menaceman44
TS2 Suspense painting converted by elias943
TS2 Snapdragons converted by kithri
Exhilarating X-foliator shower backless by HugeLunatic
4to3 Parenthood fruits by kandiraver
2to3 bonsai plant by kandiraver
2to3 Ikea bookcase converted by kandiraver
Spices and grains by Dara_Savelly
TS2 Studio Bakonmi sofa set converted by Mireluk
Espresso machine by Mirel
Fluffy rug 4x3 by Natatanec
Control bathroom vase by falko
2to3 K&B towel caddy/towel hanger by florence
TS2 Loft table by souris **Included, site is now inaccessible**

I built this lot in Builder's Island-DIY (by armiel) and as you can see, this lot has little to no flat surfaces. Careful placement in other worlds is advised.

This lot is saved as a .package file, just put it in the Library folder to install. (Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library).

Lot Size: 25x35
Lot Price (furnished): 109878
Lot Price (unfurnished): 65279