Final Fantasy VIII: Seifer Almasy

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Uploaded: 19th Oct 2020 at 6:23 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2020 at 6:33 PM
Seifer is another orphan, just like the other five characters, who also is a SeeD candidate. His rebellious and arrogant attitude hinders him from becoming a full-pledged SeeD, despite his excellent fighting abilities. He is also a gunblade user like Squall whom he considers as his greatest rival.

Brave, Rebellious, Daredevil, Ambitious, Mean Spirited

Seifer is packaged with default skin, and a combination of items from various expansion packs and custom content used. None of the custom content is included, unless stated.

Skin (default): Primer by Kurasoberina (HD+)
Hair: Blue hair by Lapiz
Eyebrows (default): Default brows by Simple Life
Eyes (contacts): Mouseyblue's Leftover eyes n24 converted by brntwaffles
Top (everyday,formal,outerwear): Pets EP
Pants (everyday, formal, outerwear): Late Night EP
Pants (athletic): Into The Future EP
Shoes (everyday, formal, outerwear): Late Night EP
Shoes (athletic): University Life EP
Facial scar: by me (included in download)
Has a single recolorable channel
Enabled for both genders, ages teen to elder
Available in all clothing categories, disabled for random
Found in costume makeup

The follwing custom sliders are used in making Seifer:

Head shape by Jonha
Head size by Jonha
Jawline width by bella3lek4
Cheekbone depth by oneeuromutt
Jawline rotate/soften by aWT
Narrow face slider by blyss
Cheek smooth by gruesim
Chiseled cheekbones by thornsofpeace
Chin width by GnatGoSplat
Chin to neck slider by Wojtek
Iris/pupil sliders by aWT
Fixed eye mesh by Mahamundo
Just eye height by oneeuromutt
Brow out thick by oneeuromutt
Eyelid length/width by oneeuromutt
Eyelid height by oneeuromutt
Upper eyelid shape by oneeuromutt
Lower eyelid shape by oneeuromutt
Nose tip width by oneeuromutt
Mouth corners width oneeuromutt

Custom Content by Me:
- Seifer Almasy

Additional Credits:
Additional Credits:
Square Enix, for Final Fantasy VIII and its characters
Final Fantasy font
Poses by: kosmokhaos ( some NSFW pics), k2m1too [1] [2] [3], noelyely