Two Lips and Snapping Dragons

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2012 at 6:26 PM
Updated: 14th Nov 2012 at 1:47 PM
You can never have enough flowers or Jackie Chan movies. So, I took two of the craftable bouquets from the Sims 2 Open for Business (I think) and converted them for Sims 3. And then I watched Shanghai Knights again.

In the Sims 2, the tulips and snapdragons came in only one flavor. So, I kithrified them, making the tulips fully recolorable (except for the stems) and providing two sizes, humungous--like the Sims 2 original—and not humungous. The humungous and not humungous tulips are compatible with each other, and can coexist in your game without any problems. Kind of like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour...

The snapdragons are not recolorable, but I did create 6 presets to add some variety.

No expansion or stuff packs are needed. All meshes were play tested on a base game fully patched to 1.36, and on a game full of expansions and stuff packs using 1.36. They might work on other levels, but there are no guarantees.

I love thanks and welcome comments, and of course, please report any problems you have here in this thread.

Technical and Other Relevant Information

Humungous Tulips
Channels: 3
Environment Score: 1
Cost: 15
Buy Catalog Location: Function -> Decor -> Plants

Not Humungous Tulips
Channels: 3
Environment Score: 1
Cost: 8
Buy Catalog Location: Function -> Decor -> Plants

Channels: Not recolorable
Environment Score: 1
Cost: 10
Buy Catalog Location: Function -> Decor -> Plants

Tools used: Milkshape, SimPE, S3PE, TSRW, Sims3Pack Multi Installer, Photoshop CS6

CC Credits: Mirror Rugs by Morphead, available here at MTS. Coffee table is from the Lord Milton Roundbottom Non-Polygonal Parlour Set by me, available here: The Stairway to Cleveland Plant Stand is also featured, and is also by me, and available here:

Caution: To prevent sudden stroke or heart attack, do not combine Jackie Chan movies with the drinking of espresso!

Polygon Counts:

Converted Tulips, Humungous and Not
High Polys: 1056
Low Polys: 430

Converted Snapdragons
High Polys: 1182
Low Polys: 772

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Delphy, Inge & Peter Jones, Wes Howe for MS plugins, Numenor, and Jackie Chan.