Post-Industrial Series: Andrew's Inn (no CC, a hotel with 8 rooms)

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"The worst hotel IN THE UNIVERSE!!!"
- Elmville Daily (August 28, 1999)

"Our purpose is to promote safe and friendly travelling for a fair price. This, however, is not even worth a dime. We strongly recommend not to stay there."
- Budget Backpackers (March 2012 issue)

"Recommend this one to your enemy"
- reviews

"This hotel last had some renovation works done before I was born."
- Grandma Gertrude (turning 87 next week)

The reviews provided by all these trusted sources above speak for themselves and you probably should not have any other questions about Andrew's Inn. Oh, everything else that is affordable is already fully booked? There's no other place to stay? Ummm, okay...

This building was built in 1921, back when factories were thriving. The building belonged to the steel plant and served as the main administrative building, particularly when it comes to supplying and delivery matters.

However, at some point in late 1980s, it was abandoned. The demand for steel was not as high anymore in the area, so the maintenance of too many extra buildings was not affordable anymore. Also, the development of technology lowered the demand for the workforce in the administrative parts of all factories, so this kind of large building dedicated specifically for this was simply not needed.

This building was put on sale. The price was relatively high initially, but then the factory did not want to deal with its maintenance, so it was quickly lowered. In 1992, Andrew bought it with the idea of opening a hotel. Nevertheless, he was not the poster child of a proper finance management, and in fact could barely afford it, this is why a huge part of the hotel is run down and poorly maintained.

Only a few of the rooms actually offer a decent standard.

"I would rather sleep on a park bench!"
- reviews

Electricity, as well as plumbing, tends to fail in this hotel on almost everyday basis. Similar with the heating, so if you really feel like going there, better go during summer. Fortunately, the roof is stable enough to stay inside... Or so the owner claims.

However, let's look on the bright side. After staying there, you will easily appreciate everything you have at home. A cosy bed, warm showers, maybe also food? Did we mention that Andrew tried opening a restaurant before and wanted the hotel to be recognised for its remarkable cuisine, but could not afford any good chef that would work there? A completely decayed kitchen space in the hotel is a reminder of these times.

Another good thing? Well, this hotel is generally avoided. Thanks to that, you will be sure there will not be too many annoying guests you have to deal with. Your stay there will most likely be peaceful and quiet.

Are you willing to stay there? Well, do it at your own responsibility. But if you choose to go there, enjoy it!

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