The Metropolitan - Mid-Century Modern Home

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Welcome to Atomic Acres! Showing here is lot number 1 - The Metropolitan. With its daring skylight rooflines and beautiful exterior done in ocean blue and gray brickstone, your new Atomic Age home will make your neighbors shout "Good golly!" when they visit you. Packed with all the latest modern technology of 1959!

This is the first of a series of homes I plan to build and upload here for all Simmers to enjoy. This home is named "The Metropolitan" and it belongs to my MCM neighborhood called Atomic Acres. The theme is based off the Atomic Age and Space Age eras of architecture during the 1950s and 1960s. The home has four bedrooms, two of which are larger than the other two and are set for adults. The smaller rooms can be for children or teens. There are five bathrooms total in the home, and each bedroom has its own specific bathroom. One bathroom is a small half-bath for guests near the main entry room opposite the kitchen. I used smaller windows for the kitchen which kept the theme design and allowed more wall usage, considering the shape of the room itself. There is a pool in the backyard complete with a lounging area for hot summer days.

The home is designed with large amounts of windows and skylights meant to allow usage of natural light. Although, each room does come with its share of lighting for nighttime hours. MCM homes were often designed with this in mind, because they were "homes of the future" and meant to utilitze a more natural tone and have lower electrical costs. The lawn is spacious, and can allow a possible driveway in the future if the Sims 4 ever gets cars added to the game. It's finally landscaped, but done simplistically for beauty and allows the eyes to be drawn to the home primarily. There is also plenty of roof space to include solar panels for when Eco-Lifestyle comes out soon! This will make the home even more environmental friendly. This was built with the moveobjects cheat turned on, so you may want to place it that way. The lot has been play tested. No CC was used.

Feel free to rearrange everything in the home to your desire after downloading, and happy simming!

Please DO NOT reupload or recreate my home designs without my permission! Have a lovely day.


Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): 142,962