The Savoy - Mid-Century Modern and Postmodern Home

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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2021 at 11:02 PM
Welcome to Flamingo Heights! Featured here is lot number 10 - The Savoy!


The Savoy is a Mid-Century Modern and Postmodern designd home, with elements of Neo-Renaissance style accents. Most notably, around the roof design. A unique entry in the homes list of my Flamingo Heights neighborhood themed after the 1950s and 1960s.

The lot features two large bedrooms, made primarily for adult Sims, but these can be edited to your needs if you want younger Sims to reside here. There are three bathrooms in total. Two of which are full bathrooms that are personal to the bedrooms, and one small half-bathroom for guests to use which is located in the center of the home next to the laundry room. The Savoy's color themes are shades of orange, brown, gray, black and white. Which is feel suits the style of the architecture and the theme of desert living. There is a tranquil Moroccan style convervatory for the Sim who loves to do gardening, complete with tall windows that let in lots of sunlight. This room can be coverted into an extra bedroom if desired, although it would need to be completely remodeled. The kitchen is large, in black and white color scheme, and features plenty of counter space and a small eating area. The dining room has access to the backyard patio where the swimming pool and hot tub is located, as well as a place to do summertime grilling and chilling. The living room is large, with several seating areas for lounging and family time. Its probably one of my favorite rooms in the house. I used many of the new furshinings with the Dream Home Decorator pack, which really adds to the Mid-Century Modern charm. The home's most notable feature is probably the roof design, which makes a callback to the days of European castles. Both Postmodern and Neo-Renaissance style architecture often use these elements in design. I used minimal landscaping to allow the home's unique apperance to be seen from all angles, and I felt the topiary trees were a nice little touch.

I hope you all enjoy this quaint little home, and be sure to watch for my newer homes in the future! Happy Simming!