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Cowplant Awareness Center

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Uploaded: 28th Jul 2020 at 2:57 PM
Updated: 9th Sep 2020 at 5:29 PM - link addition
"If unsure, don't grab the cake lure!" - words to live by... literally.

We here at the Cowplant Awareness Center wish to extend the appreciation we have for this botanical wonder to the masses. A well-fed cowplant makes for a great addition to any yard or home! Come see for yourself our barn themed lot that is sustained by customer purchases and solar energy! (All proceeds go towards maintaining the building and the feeding of abandoned Cowplants.) Please be sure to moo-ve through the picture gallery to see all of what we offer!

Cowplants are INTERESTING! See the lifestages exhibit, which using lifelike statues, simulates the complete lifestages and partial known history for a cowplant.

Cowplants are FUN! Come and play a Cowplant themed arcade game, or get the little ones included with the toddler friendly Cowplant Milkshaker spring riders.

Cowplants have MERCHandise! Stop by our shop and pick up the latest OFFICIAL Cowplant items: small decorative skull, small Cowplant statue, a leg of lamb (and spices) for your at home pet, Cowplant Crunchies cereal for you and even a mug! Fill your home and heart with Cowplant love!

Cowplant Comforts! Also on the lot are small vending machine snack areas, some toddler amenities, seating and bathrooms to use. The Cowplant Awareness Center is open 24/7, so stop by anytime - the barn doors are always open for 'ya! It's quite the moo-ving experience.

Important Notes
Sims cannot buy any items without it being an owned community lot.
Cereal box, if purchased, will be fridge stockable and will add small food points.
Leg of lamb is decorative and cannot be eaten by Sims nor fed to Cowplants.
Toddlers cannot visit the lot without a mod, like this one: Allow puppy kitten toddler riders

Not enough Cowplant?! Want MORE?? - Find mug recolors, wallpaper, carpet, pictures and more here: Cowplant Odds & Ends

All EPs and SPs were installed while creating the lot, along with many items of Custom Content.
Custom Content is packaged with the lot and included in a separate folder for options on installation.

:lovestruc Thank you VERY much to decat, DeeDeeSims, earlypleasantview, Michelle and Shastakiss for their fantastic meshes!!! Your amazing work is what inspired this lot!
:lovestruc Thanks also to linacheries for resizing the food clutter and moocha-muses for recolor completion and the hilarious name "Cowplant Crunchies" as well.
:lovestruc Michelle generously made the CC included picture for me as well.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 96149

Custom Content Included:
- TS4CowHeadMounted by Decat
- TS4CowHeadMountedMini by Decat
- TS4CowSkullMini by Decat
- TS4CowSkullMountedMini by Decat
- Simlish Food Box by DeeDee/Linacherie
- Simlish Food Box Cowplant Recolor by Moocha/Budgie2Budgie
- Cowplant Baby by EarlyPleasantview
- Cowplant Skeleton by EarlyPleasantview
- Cowplant Sprout by EarlyPleasantview
- Cowplant Coffee Mug by Michelle
- Decorative Leg Of Lamb by Michelle
- Decorative Piece Of Cake by Michelle
- Decorative Cowplant 100 by Michelle
- Decorative Cowplant 25 by Michelle
- Decorative Cowplant 50 by Michelle
- Decorative Cowplant 75 by Michelle
- Cowplant Arcade Game by Shastakiss
- Cowplant Spring Rider by Shastakiss