Poker Flats Series # 1: Landfill Elegance

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Uploaded: 28th Aug 2020 at 8:18 PM
Updated: 12th Aug 2022 at 3:31 PM
Welcome to the first of the Poker Flats collection....

When I first saw Twinbrook I fell in love....but not with the Poker Flats builds. They were too "nice"? In my neck of the woods, a majority of the homes built near rivers are old, showing a lot of wear, not necessarily run down but definitely not new, and the EA builds looked newish and too modern. After surfing around I regrettably noticed there are very few builds out there for Poker Flats, so I decided to rebuild my own to fit the theme of my town and playstyle. ( I tend to keep my town lower middle class to "poor", I think sims make way too much money way too easily!)

This home fits on "1 Poker Flats" and is built on pilings (logs) instead of foundation columns. I find this gives it a nicer aesthetic and more room underneath! It also makes more sense to me but maybe I'm different. Of course the lot is not "flat", it will only fit Twinbrook, unless you want to find somewhere else it may fit and have at 'er! Good luck to you!

The house was probably built somewhere when the town began....and over the years has fallen into disrepair. At one point I think it was on the demolition list, but was conveniently forgotten by the city. The family that finally acquired it did so only because it was abandoned and it was all they could afford (it was free!). With no money but a lot of ingenuity, they managed to fix it up with discarded treasures scavenged from the local junkyard & landfill. Even the car was rescued from the automobile graveyard and painted with spray paint. It does the job.

The astroturf covering the deck was already in place but has now faded and still covers the gaps in the wood planks. The house even had some pets included.....the cockroaches infesting the kitchen don't seem to want to leave so the family has learned to live with them. It's not much,,,but it's home. :D

The only item used from Generations was the wall shelf in the master bedroom. These sims are like rabbits so I put in a crib instead of a dresser. They'll probably need it.

Aside from Generations and Ambitions, no other stuff or expansion packs were used. Not even any store items. I'm soooo proud!! And of course, there is no custom content.

I felt so at home building this lot...I miss doing crummy, run-down builds so Poker Flats will fill that need. I hope you enjoy it!

Lot Size: 20x30
Lot Price (furnished): 29586
Lot Price (unfurnished): 14661