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Club Candy ( MySims Project) - NO CC

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Uploaded: 19th Feb 2021 at 1:14 PM
Hi! This is my second entry in my series of content inspired by characters, places and storylines from the MySims franchise.
I have decided to re-create Dj Candy "Supergroove" 's venue, her famous discoteque: Club Candy! I have taken inspiration from both the PC game and My Sims Agents. In the latter, Club Candy is an ex warehouse surrounded by industrial buildings. I have tried to recreate as faithfully as possible the structures of the buildings from the game (you can watch from minute 10:53 of this video for reference). The interior design takes many inspirations from the PC game: Candy's bedroom is yellow, the discoteque has the recurring theme of 8-balls; the furniture of the discoteque is inspired by the furniture of Club Candy in the PC game and My Sims Agents combined.

The building on the front-right is abandoned and is used as a shelter by homeless people. The other buildings are all connected through doors, stairs or more adventurous passages such as platforms and wooden planks (like in MySims Agents): they are the discoteque (Club Candy), two other warehouses turned into open-spaces for Dj Candy and her biggest friends and fellow glowstick-obsessers Sapphire and Zack, a disused garage turned into a lounge room with pool tables, and a small building turned into bathrooms for the club.

I really hope that you enjoy this creation! I am honestly amused: it's the first time that I build something with an urban/industrial vibe and I am quite happy with the outcome.

I have included two different versions of this lot (community and residential), so that you can choose which one is more fitting for your game and neighbourhood! Maybe you want to send yours sims to Club Candy to have fun, or you want to use this lot as a home business and play Dj Candy, Sapphire and Zack as they party and spread the groove! Let me know if you have fun!

Lot size: 4x4 (medium)
Lot price (residential): 177,162
Lot price (community): 177,767

Custom content: the community lot version is completely CC-FREE !
To make the residential version, I used:I am not sure if these are required or if the trashcans and mailbox will show up regardless. If you have feedback about this, let me know.

Also, DO NOT move the rotated garage door of the red warehouse if you don't have this mod to rotate garage doors. You won't be able to put it back.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price (furnished): 177,767