Italian Rowhouse Granfesta! - NO CC

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Uploaded: 27th May 2021 at 5:21 PM
Updated: 9th Jun 2021 at 2:04 PM
Hi! Today I'm uploading a new lot that goes along with my Italian Rowhouses Super Set: this is Granfesta, another apartment based on real architectures from the Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy.
This lot is a rowhouse and must be placed next to other rowhouses to create rows. It's available as a normal row piece, a left end or a right end: the two "end" versions can be placed at the end of a row to terminate it without having unrealistic walls that stick outside and feature back gates to access the backyard!

This lot includes five apartments of various size. In the backyard, you will find a grill, a board game and some tables and chairs to host condominium parties in the summer!
Now I'll give you some details on the apartments' interior:
‣ The apartment on the far left is intended for someone who likes water activities, like a surfer, a swimmer, a lifeguard; it has hawaiian furniture and a terrace with a red gazebo!

‣ The second apartment from the left is the biggest and is perfect for artists, nature lovers, hippies! It includes a big terrace with a white unfinished gazebo with soft draperies and the interior is furnished in a groovy and colorful style. This might be my favourite apartment I've made so far, let me know what you think!

‣ The third apartment is small and affordable. It's a studio apartment furnished in white and light pink. The bed is surrounded by shelves to optimize the little space available! This may be the right choice for a fresh-out-of-college sim who doesn't have much in their bank account.

‣ The fourth apartment is as big as the second one, but doesn't feature a terrace. The furniture is mainly in old, dark wood and the rooms are decorated with natural elements, such as animal sculptures and landscapes, or retro looking photographs. This apartment would be perfect for a vintage-addict, a mountain ranger, an old couple or maybe bigfoot!

‣ The last apartment from the left is modern and colorful! It's intended for a sweet person who loves the colour pink and cute animals. It's not a big apartment but it makes great use of its space!