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5 Stone Walls - with or without a Decorative Archway

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2021 at 5:50 PM
I have no idea where these stone textures came from ~ they have been kickin' around in my 'projects' folder for many years...

There are 5 Stone Textures - made into 4-part walls (kinda like stone murals) with the 4th wall tilling perfectly to the 1st wall, and starting the sequence again to continue around the room.
Plus another set with a Decorative Archway moulding, that I made in Photoshop.

They are all found in Poured Walls for $10.
All my walls are Mac friendly.

My favorite one is the Green Stone:

Please scroll through the pictures to see them all - I hope you find something you like
Each wall is clearly named and numbered; a swatch is included in the DL file.

PSST: Add your own moulding with my Wallpaper Overlays - These overlays let you add whatever moulding you want to your walls.