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(31/08/2022) I know I haven't updated this in so long I've had a lot going on but I am still determined to get the subhood version out soon alongside a refreshed version of Waterside that i'll start working on soon. Again I apologise for leaving this so long I have just been so much busier this year than I thought I would be. Thank you for your continued support xx

Update log:

.06/07/2021: Fixed various memories, relationships and other misc sim details

"Nestled along the bank of the great Simoleon river is the small town of Waterside. The neighbourhood was founded by Stanley Waters and Stanford Side in 1912 when both sought a luscious water side to build their bustling bean farms. However, both were shocked to discover the other had also settled on what they mistakenly believed to be their own land, and so the two competed in a multi-part multi-month competition of brains, brawn, and beans. The competition ended in a 50/50 tie, establishing the land as Waters & Side, which was later shortened to Waterside for ease of paperwork filing.

Today many sims move to Waterside as an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, but recently with romances from the past being upturned and a mysterious disappearance of one of the townsfolk. Can the residents of Waterside learn get along in peace or will the changing of the tide drive once happy families forever apart?"

Waterside has 11 playable families, 9 that are already moved in and 2 that are in the family bin. Each have their own storylines to play through much like the 3 base game neighbourhoods, all the premade sims have their own set of memories, family trees, relationships and other personal details such a biographies. There are around 67 lots, 50 unoccupied prebuilt homes, 3 empty residential lots, 5 community lots. There are four big storylines in the neighbourhood: The Don, Dina and Sarah love triangle, Connie Speck's missing husband, the rivalry between Akito Hill and Mateo Jackson and Chris Jackson and Melissa Moore's affair. These have all been set up so you can get the most out of the drama in Waterside.

Recommended play order of Waterside Families:

1) Garcia
2) Ross
3) Jackson
4) Moore
5) Davis
6) Hill
7) Speck
8) Ford
9) Baxter
Family Bin:
10) Roomies
11) Bros

In each sim's bio it has directions on what to do in each household to start them. Like the scripted events in the base game neighbourhoods.

This is a recreation of the lost maxis preview neighbourhood Waterside used in promotional material during the mid 2004 pre-release period it can be seen in the Sims 2 2004 Demo Walkthrough for E3 2004 by Will Wright and the Producer Walkthrough by Tim LeTourneau. Waterside is the neighbourhood that can be seen in the background of the sims 2 main menu and loading screen. It was originally thought that Waterside was going to be the 4th neighbourhood shipped with the release of the game but not too long before launch, Maxis decided to delete it. The only sims that are accurate to Waterside are the Baxter family, Sarah's brother, sister and father, Dina and an unnamed female sim. The rest of the families are my own except from Chris and Melissa who are from the sims 1.

Waterside doesn't need a camera mod to view the whole neighbourhood.

Demo Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpItHVR9oa0&t=424s

Producer Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h7cLEtSdlY

Unreleased Neighbourhoods SimsWiki: https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Unreleased_neighborhoods

Waterside is a base game only neighbourhood there are two versions one that's populated and one that's unpopulated.

There's also two versions available for those of you who play Ultimate Collection