Cloud Nine Floating Counter

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Uploaded 28th Jun 2022 at 11:02 PM · Updated 28th Jun 2022 at 11:37 PM by Menaceman44

A new counter to adorn your kitchens and bathrooms with! Not just any old counter though; these ones float! Well, near enough.
This set of "floating" counters is designed to fit seamlessly with the BlandCo counters from the base game (and the City Living versions as well I guess) and can also be used on their own.

These are a hybrid of standard and island counters. What this means is that they look like regular counters intended to be placed up against a wall but have the functionality of island counters. This means that you can place bar stools against them to sit and eat your meals at.
The pieces that would normally be curved inner and outer island sections have been replaced with two unique pieces. One is the regular counter piece but with an added support leg in the middle. The other has a sink basin attached to the underside to prevent being able to see through the underside of any sinks placed in it.

Some objects can only be placed on certain counter pieces: Sinks can only be placed on the piece with the sink basin attached underneath; large appliances, i.e. dishwashers, can only be placed on the straight piece with no supports; barstools can be placed at any piece except the inner corner and sink piece.

Each piece features lots more slots than EA counters apart from the sink piece which only features a row of small slots running along the back edge.
The inner corner piece has two slots for placing appliances slightly staggered so that coffee machines don't have to be so close to the edge and microwaves don't have to clip into the back. Depending on viewing angle, it can be a bit tricky to place into the correct slot to begin with but if you get it wrong just grab the object again and it should snap into the other slot.

The bounding box has been manually edited to allow other objects to be placed underneath without the use of the MoveObjects cheat. Make sure not to place objects too close to the front of the counters though as this can block routing, particularly on the sink piece.

The occluders have also been manually adjusted to cast an appropriately sized shadow.

The counter comes in 7 swatches which match all of the available countertop options of the BlandCo counters.

The splashback does not vanish if you place the counters away from a wall so they cannot, unfortunately, be used to create true kitchen islands. This was a compromise I had to make to get these functioning.

Additional Credits:
Kris (sim_man123)