More Fridge Rights for Kids! [Translators Wanted!]

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2023 at 1:57 AM
Updated: 26th May 2024 at 12:40 PM
  • 2024-05-26: (minor) Updated the written tutorial to incorporate yesterday's changes.
  • 2024-05-25: Quite a big update is in store! Make sure to check and update all the variants you got.
    (1) I finally found out what actually was wrong that made baby bottles not snap to kids' hands properly... and found out how to fix it, too. That means I no longer have to worry about slot placement to make baby bottles not sink into the ground when placed... and means I can finally PROPERLY place the food into mini-fridges so it doesn't stick out of the door. I have edited the main mod to include this fix, which adds a new BHAV and an extra child animation to baby bottles.
    (2) As a consequence of change (1), I have gone back and edited the SupaFridge, Surfaco Mini-Fridge, Manse Mini-Fridge and "Less Is More" Mini-Fridge to place food into places where it makes more sense. I also attached a screenshot to preview how this looks in-game now.
    (3) Also as a consequence of change (1), I have now made changes to the University mini-fridge to fix its slots, too. These are included in the main mod.
    (4) Per the request of Sam_Verey, I have added support for another new fridge! Woo! Introducing LordCrumps' and Tvickiesims' Chow Bella Sleek Fridge from the 4t2 Home Chef Hustle Stuff conversion pack. Besides adding the child interactions, I also fixed the food slot (the plates were floating!), upped the capacity from 300 to 400, and gave it a higher Room Score to justify the price tag a little bit.
    (5) I added two extra resources into the main mod (the Serve Platter Test and Interaction) to add a check for FreeTime to it. Essentially, this means there is no longer a need for separate Mac versions at all - the game will simply never show you this interaction unless you use the allMenus cheat, and even then the interaction would just cancel itself. I mainly did this to clean up the mess that is the Downloads tab.
  • 2024-05-21: Added two archives that include ALL the CC fridges in one, to save you some trouble if you're new to this mod! One is for FreeTime, one is for Seasons/Mac.
  • 2024-05-20: Added support for two more CC fridges, again! This was requested by Segfred and Tamha.
    The first is the mini-fridge from LordCrumps' 4t2 For Rent conversion pack. Like with the Surfaco Mini-Fridge, I had to apply fixes to the slots to make taking out baby bottles and drinks look okay. I also heavily reduced its price to §300 (from §950) and its capacity to 80 (from 400 - come on, its description literally suggests that!), and made it compatible with LD's Reworked Fridge Leftovers mod like I needed to do it for Targas SupaFridge.
    The second is HugeLunatic's 3t2 Manse Mini-Fridge. I slightly upped its price to §400 (from §325), fixed the slots for baby bottle and drink retrieval, and gave it compatibility with LD's Reworked Fridge Leftovers mod, too.
    Both mini-fridges are available in a standard and a Mac version.

LimeyYoshi presents the solution to yet another problem he encountered in live gameplay!

Not long ago, my fiancée was playing a family with two children, one toddler and one baby, when suddenly, the father died of a kitchen fire, and the mother died of starvation cause the fridge was now gone. On the same evening! This left the children - the oldest being eleven at the time - all alone at home and in need of fending for themselves. Normally, this would lead to the Social Worker coming to pick them up as orphaned kids, but I got some mods to prevent just that from happening.
I just feel like... come on, let drama happen when it happens.

This led to a new problem though. While children CAN hire nannies to take care of toddlers and babies, and butlers to make them some decent food, sometimes it doesn't feel right to get help from outside just because EAxis never considered such a scenario to happen in the first place. Be it that the household is poor, or you simply don't see fit for bringing out the "big shots".
However, if there is no butler or nanny, then:
  • The most children can eat is pizza, Chinese food, and snacks. Boring!
  • Toddlers have to resort to dry and yucky pet food.
  • Babies can't be fed at all.
What this implies is: lots of crying and even more drama on top of all that had already happened.

So with that, I first went to see if someone had already had the same idea as me. And it was so, indeed.

Why other mods don't quite cut it...
LazyDuchess allowed children to take cereal from fridges.
BoilingOil allowed children to take baby bottles from fridges.
And MidgeTheTree enabled anyone (except children) to grab baby bottles from a mini-fridge.
However, all of them have flaws, I have found:
  • Mod #1 does allow children to get cereal, but that's it. It's a start, but still kinda boring and even in the notes you can find people asking for more meals for children. Plus, their mod conflicts with the game itself and with Lord Darcy's SP Objects Fix, because K&B Stuff got fixed in later EP's and any Overrides content overrides mods in Downloads, and other fridges are also missing interactions from later games, mostly FreeTime's "Serve Platter". Finally, the mod doesn't really handle edge cases very well (see the 2023-11-26 update notes).
  • Mod #2 does allow children to get baby bottles, but it doesn't care about animations at all. Children that take baby bottles out will use the adult animations, which looks... floaty. Plus, it doesn't include the mini-fridge from University.
  • Mod #3 does allow teens and older to get baby bottles from the mini-fridge... but it doesn't include children. Plus, Maxis never intended for Sims to get baby bottles from the mini-fridge, and as such, animations were taken from the standard-size fridge instead, making them look... borked.
Plus, what's worse, all three mods conflicted with one another. Something had to be done!

And thus, I went to work and whipped this mod up, based on the groundwork of these three modders, but going beyond what they did.

The scope of this mod
My mod, once it's placed into your Downloads folder, will give children the freedom to do more food things than they can by default. And it will look as if it had always been a part of the game!

Children can get prepared meals
Children can now - even autonomously - get some proper meals, not just your usual crisps, cookies or juice. I had a look at all meals that are available and chose only those that are plausible to be cold foods in real life. Child Sims can't cook or prepare food, after all!
Most of the dishes I found are dessert dishes, but thankfully there's some more nutritious options available, too.
List of foods that this mod includes:
  • Instant Meals
  • Gelatin
  • Cereal
  • Lunch Meat Sandwiches
  • Layer Cake
  • Chef Salad
  • Berry Pie (OFB required)
  • Cheesecake (OFB required)

Children can get baby bottles
Children can now - even autonomously - help to maintain a better and yummier diet for toddlers by providing them with freshly cooled infant milk. Unlike teens and older Sims, children can't hand the bottle directly to the toddler, so they will drop it on a free space nearby instead. Toddlers can then crawl or walk to grab and drink it.
Babies are excluded! Babies can't crawl to grab a bottle, so they have to be held to be fed. However, children can't hold babies, so unless a versatile modder can change this, that's as far as I can go.

Children will not float... and adults won't grab the air
No matter whether standard or small fridge: children can always grab their meals and their baby bottles. And it will always look natural.
As an added bonus, I also went and fixed the baby bottle animations for teens and older Sims on the mini-fridge.
And finally, because it was annoying me, plates will no longer weirdly stick out of the door of mini-fridges when Sims go to take them out (see the last screenshot).

Added custom fridge support
I have done extra versions for a few custom fridges, and I am open for suggestions as to which fridges to update with these new features as well. Just shoot me a comment with your favourite fridge, and based on the Terms of Use of the creator, I'll see what I can do.

If you don't know all of the listed fridges, there is a picture on this upload that shows all of them, so you can pick whichever you have the most use for!
List of supported fridge CC:
NameCreatorOriginal download pageOther changes I madeNotes
SupaFridgeTarga, edited by Lord DarcyLinkFixed the slots so plates won't stick out of the fridge door. Made compatible with LD's Reworked Fridge Leftovers modI retained both different versions that carry either 80 or 400 food units
Coca-Cola FridgeMaxis, edited by Lord DarcyLinkSims 2 Store item which was released only in Finland
Baroque Cuisine Preservation (Life Stories)Maxis, edited by ArgonLinkPlease make my file load after ls-buy.bundle.package if you use the bundle!
Surfaco Mini FridgeDeeDee-SimsLinkFixed the slots so plates won't stick out of the fridge door. Increased food capacity from 80 to 160.Takes all recolours from the Surfaco Counter (K&B Stuff).
CellarJasana_BugBreeder, further edits by MeduzaLinkAll ages can grab baby bottles and leftovers, too, and won't run into routing failures. Upped price from §1,500 to §5,000, but increased food capacity from 300 to 1,200 in exchange. Food units decay quicker (as there is no permanent cooling).Works off-grid!
In*kiri*gible Fridgesimplan-xN/AUpdated for Seasons and FreeTime
The Back Forty Fridgesimaddict99LinkUpdated for FreeTimeTakes all recolours from the Back Forty Armoire (Seasons).
Old Thyme Victual PreservatoriumMadRayne & LazyDuchessLinkWill work off-grid and consume no energy. In turn, food units decay a bit quicker.Originally from Sims 1
Manse Mini-FridgeHugeLunaticLinkFixed the slots so plates won't stick out of the fridge door. Upped price from §325 to §400. Made compatible with LD's Reworked Fridge Leftovers mod.Originally from Sims 3
"The Less Is More" Mini FridgeLordCrumps & PlatinumAspirationLinkFixed the slots so plates won't stick out of the fridge door. Lowered price from §950 to §300, but decreased food capacity from 400 to 80 in exchange. Made compatible with LD's Reworked Fridge Leftovers mod.Originally from Sims 4 For Rent
Chow Bella Sleek FridgeLordCrumps & TvickiesimsLinkFixed the slots so plates won't stick out of the fridge door. Increased food capacity from 300 to 400. Increased Room Score and Niceness Score.Originally from Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle Stuff

If your fridge is not included in this, don't give up hope though! If you know your way around SimPE, you can update custom fridges (but not mini-fridges) yourself! I have uploaded one file that includes the needed resources and a tutorial on how to do it.

English (US/UK)Me (LimeyYoshi)
GermanMe (LimeyYoshi)
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)
Brazilian Portuguese

If you know your way around SimPE and would like to translate into your own language, feel free to contribute! You shall be given due credit.
All relevant text strings are found in the TTAs "Pie Menu Strings" resources, these are used in the pie menu when you direct a child to grab a meal or a baby bottle, so you'll see these texts often. Since they are all the same, you only need to translate one and send me the exported language .txt file - I'll then add your translation to all fridges!

Depends on which parts of the mod you get, so here is a table with the overview on which version requires which EP's and SP's.
The minimum required EP's to be able to use the functions of my mod are University and Seasons.
Which mod flavour?EPs/SPs RequiredWhy is that?
KidsCanGetMoreMealsAndBottles (base mod)University, Seasons+UNI has the needed mini-fridge animations; Seasons introduced "fresh food" and leftovers, so is the absolute minimum. "Serve Platter" is from FreeTime, but I added an EP check to make sure that, if you don't have FT, you won't be able to use this interaction.
KidsCanGetMoreMealsAndBottles-OVERRIDESKitchen & Bath StuffThis add-on adds the new interactions to both K&B Stuff fridges.
COMP_KCGMMAB-midgethetree_vampirebottlesUniversity, NightlifeThis is a compatibility patch! Vampires came with Nightlife.
Custom Fridges All-in-OneUniversity, Seasons+As a general note: any mini-fridge requires University, other fridges only require Seasons or higher.
Fridge_Special_editedSeasons+Fresh food checks and leftover interactions
Targas_SupaFridge_editedUniversity, Seasons+Uses mini-fridge animations from UNI, and has Seasons' fresh food checks and leftover interactions
Argon_LSFridge_editedSeasons+Fresh food checks and leftover interactions
DeeDee_KB_SurfacoMiniFridge_edited+fixedUniversity, Seasons+, Kitchen & Bath StuffRepo'd to the Surfaco Counter from K&B Stuff and cloned from UNI's mini-fridge, using its animations too. Has fresh food checks and leftover interactions.
Jasana_CellarFridge_editedSeasons+This cellar fridge uses the same "fresh food checks" as all other fridges, so that's the minimum EP you'll need, despite all EP checks it has.
Inkiricible_Fridge_editedSeasons+Fresh food checks and leftover interactions
SA99_CountryFridgeMM_editedSeasonsFresh food checks and leftover interactions. Takes its textures from a Seasons armoire so this is the only fridge where you explicitly will need Seasons, a higher EP won't do!
MadRayne_1t2OldThymeFridge_editedSeasons+Fresh food checks and leftover interactions
HL_ManseMiniFridge_edited+fixedUniversity, Seasons+Uses mini-fridge animations from UNI, and has Seasons' fresh food checks and leftover interactions
LCPA_4t2MiniFridge_edited+fixedUniversity, Seasons+Uses mini-fridge animations from UNI, and has Seasons' fresh food checks and leftover interactions
LCTV_4t2SleekFridge_edited+fixedUniversity, Seasons+Uses mini-fridge animations from UNI, and has Seasons' fresh food checks and leftover interactions

Open For Business is only required if you want your child to get cheesecake and berry pies from fridges. If you don't have this EP, these interactions simply won't show up.

Resource nameTypeGroupAssociated semiglobal/objectInstanceInstance (high)Included in
Interaction - Baby Bottle - GetBHAV0x7F9A5330FridgeGlobals0x000020540x00000000Base mod, Vampire Bottle patch
Interaction - Serve PlatterBHAV0x7F9A5330FridgeGlobals0x000020900x00000000Base mod
Interaction - Serve Platter - TESTBHAV0x7F9A5330FridgeGlobals0x000020910x00000000Base mod
Anims - ChildSTR#0x7FBA6191Baby Bottle0x000000820x00000000Base mod
fridgeMini_cresCRES0x1C0532FA0xFF5532120x18E29DCBBase mod
fridgeMiniUnderCounter_cresCRES0x1C0532FA0xFFC861410x9DA938D5Base mod
Anims - adultSTR#0x7F770F95Fridge - Mini0x000000810x00000000Base mod
Anims - ChildSTR#0x7F770F95Fridge - Mini0x000000820x00000000Base mod
Anims - ObjectSTR#0x7F770F95Fridge - Mini0x000000860x00000000Base mod
Pie Menu StringsTTAs0x7F9EEB81Fridge - Cheap0x000000800x00000000Base mod
Pie Menu StringsTTAs0x7F755CB1Fridge - Modern0x000000800x00000000Base mod
Pie Menu StringsTTAs0x7F8D909EFridge - Worn0x000000800x00000000Base mod
Pie Menu StringsTTAs0x7F770F95Fridge - Mini0x000000800x00000000Base mod
Pie Menu StringsTTAs0x7F3BFD0FFridge - Moderate - Stainless0x000000800x00000000Base mod
TreeTableTTAB0x7F9EEB81Fridge - Cheap0x000000800x00000000Base mod
TreeTableTTAB0x7F755CB1Fridge - Modern0x000000800x00000000Base mod
TreeTableTTAB0x7F8D909EFridge - Worn0x000000800x00000000Base mod
TreeTableTTAB0x7F770F95Fridge - Mini0x000000800x00000000Base mod
TreeTableTTAB0x7F3BFD0FFridge - Moderate - Stainless0x000000800x00000000Base mod
Pie Menu StringsTTAs0x7F7FECE6Fridge - Romantic (old)0x000000800x00000000Overrides
Pie Menu StringsTTAs0x7F365C9AFridge - Stylish (old)0x000000800x00000000Overrides
Pie Menu StringsTTAs0x7F4CCEC1Fridge - Romantic0x000000800x00000000Overrides
Pie Menu StringsTTAs0x7F11374FFridge - Stylish0x000000800x00000000Overrides
TreeTableTTAB0x7F7FECE6Fridge - Romantic (old)0x000000800x00000000Overrides
TreeTableTTAB0x7F365C9AFridge - Stylish (old)0x000000800x00000000Overrides
TreeTableTTAB0x7F4CCEC1Fridge - Romantic0x000000800x00000000Overrides
TreeTableTTAB0x7F11374FFridge - Stylish0x000000800x00000000Overrides

Any custom fridge add-ons contain no overrides of the game structure, but if you have already used these fridges up to this point, you have to replace the .package files.

New resources
The base mod contains a plethora of new resources, all of which are found in the FridgeGlobals, group 0x7F9A5330:
Resource nameTypeInstance
Interaction - Kid CerealBHAV0x000020A7
Interaction - Kid SandwichBHAV0x000020A8
Interaction - Kid Instant MealBHAV0x000020A9
Interaction - Kid GelatinBHAV0x000020AA
Interaction - Kid Baby BottleBHAV0x000020AB
Interaction - Kid Layer CakeBHAV0x000020AC
Interaction - Kid CheesecakeBHAV0x000020AD
Interaction - Kid Berry PieBHAV0x000020AE
Interaction - Kid SaladBHAV0x000020AF
Interaction - Kid Meal - TESTBHAV0x000020B0
Interaction - Kid Baby Bottle - TESTBHAV0x000020B1
Bottle - DropBHAV0x000020B2
Test - Is SupaFridge?BHAV0x000020B3
Interaction - Kid Meal - TEST - OFBBHAV0x000020B4

Additionally, it also adds a new resource for group 0x7FBA6191, which is the Baby Bottle object:
Resource nameTypeInstance
CT - Set CarryBHAV0x00001045

If any other mod also contains BHAVs with those instances, it will automatically conflict, so watch out!

Anything that also modifies the above resources will conflict with my mods.

The following mods are made obsolete by my mod and must not be used in combination with my mod whatsoever:
Please let me know if there are any other conflicts with mods you use, and I will see if something can be done about them by load order or through plug-ins.

  • All meals have only the base quality. Layer Cake, for example, restores 63 Hunger to a child. If it was baked properly, it would also possess an additional "bonus quality", which is added if a food is cooked and doesn't burn or spoil, and a "good quality" which depends on the way the food is cooked (baking, simmering, flambé...) and is also only added if not burnt or spoiled. Thus, the Layer Cake portions straight from the fridge are "smaller" than they would be if freshly baked, where they would instead restore 63 + 3 + 25 = 91 Hunger.
  • Each meal costs 4 food units, and each baby bottle costs 3 food units. This is the standard "food unit" price that other meals in the game have, too. If not enough are available, then fresh food units are subtracted instead. If the fridge is empty, then the interaction won't be available.
  • The new child interactions - both for meals and baby bottles - only show up if the fridge has enough food units available.
    In an otherwise unmodded game, children can't order groceries, but mods such as Monique's Hacked Computer - which I personally would consider an essential mod to have - do allow an express delivery of groceries, and children can put away groceries by themselves, so I decided to leave this behaviour as-is.

Maxis and EA for creating Sims 2 in the first place
The Creators of SimPE, and whoward69 for further facilitating its usage with his Instruction Wizards
My fiancée for being so patient with me while I pulled night shifts to get this mod working...
LazyDuchess for their "Children Can Get Cereal From Fridge" mod - finding it was the occasion that made me get started
BoilingOil for his groundwork to enable children to get baby bottles from fridges
MidgeTheTree for their groundwork to enable getting baby bottles from mini-fridges
bothersomecryptid for the Spanish translation
Tvickiesims for the Russian translation
Meduza for the Polish translation
kaligi for the Hungarian translation
Nostural for the French translation and some help in debugging the mod
Staylicht for the Swedish translation
miremie for the Japanese and Thai translations

Using LD's coding work is permitted as per their Terms of Use.
Using BO's coding work is permitted as per his Terms of Use.
Using Targa and Lord Darcy's coding work is permitted as per their Terms of Use, available on their MTS profile pages.
I could not locate Terms of Use for MidgeTheTree, but I assume their work to be fair use because their work got used in CC before.
DeeDee allowed usage and editing of her mesh and textures for the Mini Fridge as per her Terms of Use.
I assume Jasana_Bugbreeder would be fine with extra functionality for their cellar fridge, based on their Terms of Use here on MTS.
The fridge by simplan-x is only here because it can be considered abandonware, due to the creator's website being offline.
simaddict99 has no Terms of Use I could find, but considering as they're inactive and TSR no longer allows new Sims 2 uploads, I think it should be fair game.
MadRayne, HugeLunatic and LordCrumps all gave me explicit permission to modify and re-upload their fridge conversions.

Have fun and happy Simming!
~ LimeyYoshi