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Monarch Butterfly House (with Animated Butterflies!)

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Uploaded: 29th Mar 2024 at 4:32 AM
Updated: 16th Apr 2024 at 5:25 AM
The Fungi Reality Inc. Studio Apartment is a charming piece of plant décor that comes with Growing Together, but it's missing something important: residents! I have rectified this by adding butterflies.

How it Works: To activate the monarchs, click on the item in live mode and select "add butterflies". This will cause five butterflies to appear – one on the mushroom house, two on the greenery, and two fluttering overhead. The animated butterfly effect will end automatically at 8pm (because the monarchs are sleeping) and resume again at 7am. If you have Seasons, the monarchs will be absent in Winter (yes, yes, I know this does not accurately represent the species' actual life cycle).

While the monarchs are active, two interactions are available:
Talk to Butterflies: Fills the Social need and reduces sadness. It also fills the Fun need if you have certain Traits (like Animal Enthusiast, Loves Outdoors, or Survivalist), are employed in certain Careers (like Conservationist or Gardener), have a degree in Biology, or have the Outdoorsy Lifestyle.
Observe: Fills the Fun Need. Sims with relevant traits (Animal Enthusiast, Animal Whisperer, Loves Outdoors, One with Nature, etc.) have a 50% chance of getting a Happy moodlet. It also offers a small career boost to Gardeners and Conservationists, and it has a chance of triggering a Scientific Breakthrough.

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