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Perdita's humble MTS2 contributions


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Perdita's humble MTS2 contributions

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of this wonderful modding community Please help yourself to my downloads and use them to increase your IRL funmeter

Join the Medieval NPC Uniform Replacement Project! (Note to self: Make male swimwear)


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  • No sprinkler sound mod - silent sprinklers!

    by perdita_x_dream 21st Apr 2013 at 3:28pm

    This is a mod that disables sound from the sprinklers in your Sims 3 garden. more...

    10 13.2k 46

    Game Mods » Overrides » Tuning Mods

  • Medieval Old Wood Recolor of Maxis Toy 'Easy Bake Oven'

    by perdita_x_dream 30th May 2007 at 3:22am

    Hello folks! more...

    10 27.3k 35

    By Function » Miscellaneous » Children

  • Wooden Twig Recolor for the Lovely LadyBug Loft

    by perdita_x_dream 29th May 2007 at 8:22pm

    Hello there! more...

    +1 packs 12 29.7k 52

    Build Mode » Garden Center

  • Dirty Old 'SwimCloth' Swimwear for Medieval Peasant Sims

    by perdita_x_dream 27th May 2007 at 12:34am

    Hi people! more...

    8 26.4k 30

    Female » Swimwear » Adult

  • Medieval Dark Wood Toys & PottyChair

    by perdita_x_dream 25th May 2007 at 9:37pm

    Hello there! more...

  • Rustic Changletable For Your Medieval Toddlers

    by perdita_x_dream 23rd May 2007 at 5:46am

    Hi everybody! Here is a rustic changletable to go with my four Medieval Crib/Floor blanket recolors! more...

  • 4 Dirty Medieval Crib and Floor Blanket Recolors

    by perdita_x_dream 22nd May 2007 at 5:27pm

    Hello there! more...

    16 43.1k 58

    By Room » Nursery » Bedding

  • Fantasy TreeHouse For Your Prosperous WoodElf Ladies - VanimeldaEke

    by perdita_x_dream 22nd May 2007 at 3:42am

    Dear downloaders, Welcome to the Wood Elves' forest! more...

    +3 packs 22 47.3k 45

    Lots & Housing » Residential » Lots (over 20k)

  • Surprisingly Big Modern Starter Home - "Moderna Villa Vita"

    by perdita_x_dream 4th May 2006 at 9:25pm

    This is a very modern starter home, in a 20x30 sized lot, with almost everything you could wish for! more...

  • Yellow Traditional Swedish Wood Panelling - "Falu Rödfärg" i gult!

    by perdita_x_dream 4th May 2006 at 1:39pm

    The lovely Catlily at has made a huge set of Swedish house walls, for red houses with white borders! more...

  • White tile wall with border matching Maxis tile floor

    by perdita_x_dream 3rd May 2006 at 8:43pm

    The floor you see in the picture is my absolute favourite tile floor, it is also quite designish and common more...

  • White wallpaper with ornamental flower topborder

    by perdita_x_dream 3rd May 2006 at 8:37pm

    This is a white wallpaper with an ornamental topborder in several colors. more...

  • Wallpaper in earthy tones with old style topborder

    by perdita_x_dream 3rd May 2006 at 8:30pm

    This is a wallpaper with a topborder with a slight ancient and traditional feeling. more...