No sprinkler sound mod - silent sprinklers!

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Uploaded: 21st Apr 2013 at 2:28 PM
Updated: 22nd Apr 2013 at 11:23 AM
Gardening is fun, but gardening through a whole Legacy challenge can put some strain on your ears. If you have many sprinklers close to your house there will be a constant bee swarmy sound. (Even though you might be playing with your sims inside, the edges of your screen might be in the fringes of your garden and thus setting the sprinkler sound in motion, it is virtually unavoidable...) So, with that said, I bring you:

A mod that turns off the sound from the sprinklers!

Sure it's nice and realistic with that water splashing, but for you who like me have had enough of it sim-generations ago this might be a relief. Googleing has actually told me that many of you have experienced the same thing and that there is no way to fix this without mod. So, your suffering is finally over ^_^

Important installing info

If you have an existing family in play that had their sprinklers turned on last time you saved that game you MUST load that family again before installing this mod (putting the file into the Packages-folder).

Load your savegame, take the sprinklers and put them into your family inventory, save and quit. I also had to reboot my computer and delete the ScriptCache-file from my "My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3"-folder to avoid errors, but you might not need to, I can't really say. Then put the mod-file in the Packages-folder, start Sims 3 and load your game again. Happy playing!

Potential mod conflicts

This overriding tuning mod uses the AUDT-files that start with "sprinkler" except for the ones that end with "upgrade" found in the Sims 3 installation folder> GameData\Shared\Packages\FullBuild1. They are 5 and end with arm, lp, playa, start and end. Mods that also override them will probably give you error messages.

This mod is tested with the "No autonomous sprinkler" mod and they work together.


Additional Credits:
Thank you Shimrod101 for explaining the modding process to me!