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Default How to create a custom(ised) catalog object
This is how to create catalog objects that reference an existing item and change only some aspects (like price, tuning, footprint, catalog sorting etc). Because unless you change the mesh or something that is linked from the mesh (like a texture), there is no need to create a full clone.

Basically this is the same thing you'd do if you were to override the COBJ/OBJD of a Maxis item (say to change its price or catalog location), the only difference is that you give it a custom ID so it exists alongside the original thing, instead of overriding it.

You need s4pe for this, the most recent version of which you find here.

  1. Copy the original COBJ and OBJD resources from the most recent game package (see here if you don't know how to find them) and paste them into a new package.

  2. Change them to your liking (see this sticky for an overview of what is what in those resource types). For the sake of an example, here's a decorative clutter object that uses a Maxis prop (a hammer) for the mesh. Since a prop is not a regular object, there's a few things missing that one needs to add for it to work well as a clutter item:

  3. If your plan was to override the original item with your changes, you're done now. If you want your item to be available alongside the original, you need to give it a custom instance now:

    • Double click on the COBJ, in the window that comes up tick "Use resource name" and type something descriptive that includes your user name in the "Name" field. Hit the FNV64 button, hit "Set High Bit". Copy the instance number and hit OK.

    • Double click on the OBJD, paste the new instance number in the Instance field, hit "Set High Bit", hit OK.

  4. Save your package in /Mods and check it out in game.

    (If you look closely you might see that this would also like to have an edited rig now, since it clips into the table a little bit -- copy the original rig, make your changes, save with a new ID and then link that ID from the OBJD.)

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